japan display 8kIt has been widely accepted that 4K will become the standard resolution of the future, although in recent times we’ve seen companies like Dell and Apple push those limits by releasing monitors and computers with 5K resolution. However it looks like Japan Display is going even further with 8K displays.

Now we know that 8K displays aren’t new. Last year Sharp unveiled an 85-inch 8K TV, so the question is what has Japan Display done that’s so different? How about stuffing that 8K resolution into a 17.3-inch LCD screen? How’s that for different? Yup, that’s an eye-watering 7,680×4,320 resolution that’s making its way into a screen that is probably smaller than a lot of monitors out there!

This gives it an incredible pixel density of 510ppi, although we have to wonder with such an incredibly high resolution, will you be able to tell the difference between that and a 4K or 5K display? We suppose we will have to see it for ourselves in order to tell the difference, but right now it is truly mind-boggling.

The company envisions that such displays could eventually make its way into video image production industries, or even medical monitors, or for the hardcore gamer, gaming PC monitors (although we’d hate to think how much it could cost). Japan Display will be showing off their display at CEATEC 2015 which kicks off next week, so hopefully we will have more details then.

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