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JAY-Z's New Album 2017 Now Available On Apple Music
Rap mogul JAY-Z’s new album 4:44 was launched as a Tidal-exclusive, why wouldn’t it be, seeing as how the rapper owns the music streaming service. It was reported that the album could make its way to other services. Merely days after 4:44 went platinum even though it was only available on Tidal, JAY-Z’s new album is also available on Apple Music now, as expected.

Stream The New Jay-Z Album Exclusively On Tidal
Rop mogul Jay-Z is going to release this thirteenth solo album later this month. You might be expecting that it would be an exclusive release for Tidal, the music streaming service that’s owned by Jay-Z himself, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The rap mogul’s fans will be able to stream the new Jay-Z album online via Tidal starting June 30th. The new album is titled 4:44.

Jay Z Pulls His Catalog From Apple Music And Spotify
You might find it hard to listen to some of Jay Z’s music if you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify. It turns out, the rap mogul has pulled his catalog from both online music streaming services. His large catalog of solo music is no longer available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. It was apparently Jay Z who made a request for the removal of the catalog, at […]

Tidal Launches Student Pricing, New UI And Desktop Apps
It has not exactly been smooth sailing for Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal, even though he has tried to bring in subscribers through exclusive concerts, music launches and even calling trial users personally. He’s not one to give up though. Tidal today announced that it’s refreshing the user interface on its mobile applications as well as the web. The service is also launching new beta desktop applications, and Tidal has […]


Jay Z Will Play An Exclusive Concert For Tidal Subscribers
You might have heard by now that music mogul Jay Z is now in the music streaming business. He acquired and relaunched Tidal, a $20 subscription music service that promises high-fidelity streaming. Sure it’s doing something that its rivals are not but the price point is just too high for some people to justify subscribing to Tidal, perhaps tickets to an exclusive Jay Z concert might help change their minds?

Jay-Z Goes On Twitter Rant Defending Tidal’s Streaming Service
Tidal was a relatively unknown music streaming service even before hip hop mogul Jay-Z got his hands on it, but it looks like even after he did, the app enjoyed a brief bout of popularity and publicity before it started to fizzle and with it dropping out of the top 700 app ranking on the iTunes App Store.So is Tidal doomed? Jay-Z does not seem to think so and has […]

Subscribed To Tidal? Look Out For Jay Z's Call
Music mogul Jay Z recently acquired an up and coming music streaming service called Tidal. He then got together with some of the biggest names in music to relaunch the service. Subscriptions cost $20 per month, almost double than what every other music streaming service is asking, but Tidal is selling people the idea of high quality lossless streaming which the other services don’t offer. If you subscribed to Tidal recently you might want to keep an eye […]

Jay Z To Pick Up Music Streaming Service Tidal?
When it comes to technology and music, you know for sure that Jay Z does not shy from the digital medium. In fact, the music mogul did release his Magna Carta Holy Grail album to a million Galaxy device owners. Having said that, it seems that Jay Z, rich as he is, will be snapping up Tidal, a high-quality music streaming service that was previously owned by a Norwegian company. […]