jay-z-tidalTidal was a relatively unknown music streaming service even before hip hop mogul Jay-Z got his hands on it, but it looks like even after he did, the app enjoyed a brief bout of popularity and publicity before it started to fizzle and with it dropping out of the top 700 app ranking on the iTunes App Store.

So is Tidal doomed? Jay-Z does not seem to think so and has recently gone on a rant on Twitter in which he ardently defended the streaming service. For starters he believes that the service just needs some time to grow, and that even companies such as Spotify took many years to get to where they are today.

He also cites that the service currently has over 770,000 subscribers at the moment and that they are doing “just fine”. Assuming those figures are correct, for a service that has been in business for less than a month it is actually pretty impressive, especially when you consider that some of them might be paying for the premium version of Tidal.

The main thing that seems to be holding users back at the moment is the fact that there is no free-listening tier, unlike Tidal’s rivals such as Spotify which allows for free music streaming with ads in between songs. Tidal is also priced much higher than their rivals, although they claim that in the process they offer up CD-quality audio streaming and will also give more to its musicians in terms of royalties.

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