Music mogul Jay Z recently acquired an up and coming music streaming service called Tidal. He then got together with some of the biggest names in music to relaunch the service. Subscriptions cost $20 per month, almost double than what every other music streaming service is asking, but Tidal is selling people the idea of high quality lossless streaming which the other services don’t offer. If you subscribed to Tidal recently you might want to keep an eye out for a call from Jay Z himself.

According to reports Jay Z has been calling Tidal subscribers himself to personally thank them for signing up. This might not seem true but Engadget has heard from Tidal which says “that’s 1000% true.”

Other reports also reveal that Jay Z isn’t the only high profile figure at Tidal that’s been calling subscribers. Apparently Jack White has been doing the same thing, though it’s unclear if this personal approach is having any effect on Tidal’s subscriber base.

Following the acquisition and relaunch there have been some changes at Tidal. CEO Andy Chen has been replaced by Peter Tonstad who was running things before Jay Z acquired the service.

Price point is certainly not a selling point that Tidal has, but if you throw in the possibility of being able to actually talk to Jay Z, perhaps that might entice some people to fork $20 per month?

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