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Jet Membership Fees Goes Away For Good
Amazon might be one of the largest online retailers in the world but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any companies trying to compete with it, Jet is one such company, and it aims to take the fight straight to Amazon by undercutting the giant on prices. However unlike Amazon which allows everyone to purchase products through its website without necessarily signing up for Amazon Prime, Jet required everyone to purchase […]

Video Shows You What Dogfighting In An F-15 Looks Like
Flying a fighter jet is no easy task but taking full advantage of its capabilities and actually making it out alive from a dogfight is even harder. You don’t usually get to see many videos which show what an actual dogfight looks like, pilots in active battlezones rarely have times to film themselves when they’re on a mission, but it’s much easier to get a mock dogfight on camera during a training mission.

This Is Not How You Land A Fighter Jet
Many of you are well aware that fighter jets are capable of doing much more than what they’re normally put through, they’re fantastic machines that can really push the limits when they come to it. Operating these beautiful machines requires a lot of skill and a certain amount of care as well since they cost many millions of dollars, so perhaps this is not the way you’d land a very expensive […]

Watch A F-35 Jet Use Ski Jump To Take Off
It’s always a cool sight to see fighter jets take off, even if they’re going through the full take off roll down the runway and then lifting off towards the skies. However there’s more than one way to take off a jet and since these machines are meant for operation in various different situations, they have to adapt to different environments. Ski jumps are commonly used in aircraft carrier operations and watch […]


F-22 Raptor oxygen problems caused by toxic glue, expert says
In May this year, we wrote to you about the Air Force’s F-22 Raptor that encountered a series of problems, particularly the jet’s air system that allegedly doesn’t give enough oxygen to its pilots. The report sparked a controversy following the reported incidents where pilots felt hypoxia-like symptoms, with some rumored to have declined taking assignments to fly the jet. Now, a new report sheds a new light into the […]

Boeing 747-8 lands its first flight successfully
Over the weekend, Boeing’s latest jumbo jet, the 747-8 took to the skies for its first ever flight. It left Everett, Washington; accompanied by two Lockheed T-33 chase planes and landed at Boeing Field, Seattle after travelling in the skies for 4 hours and 25 minutes. The 747-8 is Boeing’s biggest creation (to date) and it has a wing span of 224 feet and 7 inches. But with a maximum […]

Boeing's Solar-Powered SolarEagle Plane to Hover for Five Years Straight
Boeing is under contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to create a solar-powered airplane that can stay in the air for five years straight. The project is supervised by DARPA and is called the SolarEagle, which will be an unmanned aircraft that will begin its first flight in 2014, serving as a sensor and communications platform for the military and could potentially turn into cheaper communications and reconnaissance satellites.SolarEagle […]

Frictionator Ford F650 gets jet engine
The street-legal Frictionator Ford F650 is no ordinary Ford as it comes equipped with a General Electric J85 Jet Engine, making it the fastest street legal jet truck in the world – or so it is self-proclaimed in that manner, as the afterburner does invalidates that claim somewhat. Don’t think a seatbelt and airbags would make me feel safe in this zipping across the ground at top speed though.

Samsung Jet Comes With Speedy Processor
You could call the Samsung Jet a Speedy Gonzales where cellphone processors are concerned, considering it clocks up a whopping 800MHz figure compared to other handsets in the market that have just made it past the 500MHz mark. Guess cellphone processors will soon catch up with netbooks in terms of the MHz count if the latter industry remains stagnant. The Samsung Jet boasts a pure Samsung six-sided Cube interface and […]