Flying a fighter jet is no easy task but taking full advantage of its capabilities and actually making it out alive from a dogfight is even harder. You don’t usually get to see many videos which show what an actual dogfight looks like, pilots in active battlezones rarely have times to film themselves when they’re on a mission, but it’s much easier to get a mock dogfight on camera during a training mission.

This video comes from the only F-15C/D training unit in the country located at Kingsley Air National Guard Base in Southern Oregon’s Klamath Falls. The base is also referred to as “K-Falls,” and even “the land of no slack” because pilots undergoing training have to keep up with very hard curriculum before they earn their place in the cockpit.

We get a rare glimpse inside the Eagle’s cockpit in this video which was shot during a training mission, it shows precisely how busy things can get during a dogfight as well as other operational aspects of the jet.

F-15C/D may have been in service for over four decades now but it’s still one of the most deadly flying machines ever produced with a commendable service record, and as this video shows, it’s still got some fight left in it.

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