Many of you are well aware that fighter jets are capable of doing much more than what they’re normally put through, they’re fantastic machines that can really push the limits when they come to it. Operating these beautiful machines requires a lot of skill and a certain amount of care as well since they cost many millions of dollars, so perhaps this is not the way you’d land a very expensive fighter jet.

A video of a Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet has been gathering a lot of steam online mainly because it shows a rather bumpy and downright dangerous landing of the jet, the pilot was somehow able to pull it all together despite the wing scraping along the runway at one point.

It shows that the jet banked dangerously as the pilot comes in to land, to viewers the approach angle will seem very ambitious and they’ll gasp when they see how it leaped upon touchdown.

This caused the jet to lurch to the left with the wing scraping along the runway before it moves to the right to make sure that the other wing gets some scraping action as well.

Ultimately though the jet bounced back and the pilot was able to safely land it without putting his life in danger and significantly damaging the jet. Take a gander if such near misses interest you.

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