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BlackBerry Will Continue To Bleed Money For Two Years [Analyst]
Since the top job was handed to John Chen, BlackBerry has taken a number of extreme measures to cut down the rate at which it has been burning through cash. The company has been posting losses quarter after quarter, so it really needs to tighten the belt. It has sold off a huge chunk of real estate to raise money and has continued downsizing. Despite that, in the final quarter […]

BlackBerry CEO John Chen Declares War On Leakers
Some might say that BlackBerry CEO John Chen has one of the most toughest jobs in this particular market. That’s because he has been handed the reins of a company that’s bleeding cash, struggling for its survival in the market and trying to come up with products that it kickstart is turnaround. Chen has made several changes since taking the top job at Waterloo, and his next target is to curtail […]

BlackBerry CEO Gives Turnaround Plans 50% Chance
Prior to bringing John Chen on board, BlackBerry’s stock had reached new lows last year. The board ousted the sitting CEO, brought Chen in, who then began to restructure the company as well as the top level management. Even though it hasn’t been an overnight success, the market believes that BlackBerry has a fighting chance under new leadership, which is why its stock has slowly climbed its way back up […]

Another BlackBerry Flagship Being Developed To Poach New Customers
Its no secret that BlackBerry smartphones haven’t been performing well in the market. Last year the company launched four BlackBerry 10 devices, all of which failed to make a mark. Since then there has been major reshuffling at the company and there’s now a new regime, working under CEO John Chen to stabilize and hopefully turn around the company. Yesterday it unveiled the Z3, a smartphone developed in collaboration with […]


BlackBerry CEO Says He'd Sell BBM If Someone Offered $19 Billion
In an interview with CNBC earlier today, BlackBerry CEO John Chen remarked that he would sell BlackBerry Messenger if someone came to him with a $19 billion offer, he’d “definitely sell,” and “recommend the board to take it.” Before people start flaming him out, its not that Chen was touting some absurd valuation of BBM which we all know isn’t worth $19 billion, BlackBerry’s entire market cap sits just above […]

BlackBerry Reassures Consumers It Won't Dump Them For Enterprises
Over the past few months there have been major changes at BlackBerry. Under the leadership of John Chen, the company booted several top executives from the previous regimes, brought in new talent, restructured itself in four major divisions and tightened its belt even further. For the first time it signed a five year agreement with an outside manufacturer to co-develop smartphones, as Foxconn bears all the inventory risk, BlackBerry can […]

Search For BlackBerry CEO Has Been Put On The 'Back Burner'
BlackBerry has gone through quite a few major changes in the past couple of months. The company abandoned a plan to sell itself after the only takeover bid it had received fell through due to rumored funding issues. Instead it received a $1 billion institutional investment and drove out its CEO Thorsten Heins. Former Sybase CEO John Chen was brought on as interim CEO and executive chair of the board. […]

Former HTC Executive To Head BlackBerry's Hardware Business
In recent months there has been a lot of speculation about the future of BlackBerry’s hardware business. It hasn’t been able to churn out a hit for a couple of years now, which is why the company has been bleeding market share as well as money. A number of major changes have been made after the new CEO John Chen took the reins, after showing top executives from previous regime […]

CEO John Chen Not Focused On What 'BlackBerry Used To Be'
There’s no hiding the fact that BlackBerry isn’t what it used to be anymore. The company’s market share has eroded over the past few years, its stock reached new lows this year and its devices division hasn’t been able to churn out a hit in a long, long time. Recently BlackBerry let go of its top management and brought on former Sybase CEO John Chen as the executive chair and […]

More BlackBerry Executives Expected To Depart Company Soon
This year has been a particularly tough one for BlackBerry. After the devices it released this year failed to turn its fortunes around, the company put up a for sale sign, but a buyout didn’t go through. Instead it has received a capital injection of $1 billion from various institutional investors, executive changes come as a part and parcel of that investment. Thorsten Heins was replaced as CEO by former […]

BlackBerry Interim CEO In It 'For The Long Haul'
After BlackBerry received a $1 billion institutional investment from Fairfax Financial and other partners, it announced that CEO Thorsten Heins would be leaving the company and former Sybase CEO John S Chen would be appointed as interim CEO. The company hasn’t said how long it will take to find a permanent candidate, however Fairfax CEO Prem Watsa has high hopes from Chen. Speaking with Reuters, Watsa said that John Chen […]

New BlackBerry CEO Pens His First Letter To Fans
Speculation about BlackBerry’s future has finally died down. The board announced recently that its no longer actively seeking a buyer and that it has received a $1 billion investment from various institutional investors. The investment was closed today, and as a result, Thorsten Heins is no longer the CEO. The new BlackBerry CEO John S Chen today penned his first letter to the company’s fans, saying that they’re “excited for the […]