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BlackBerry Will Talk About New Handsets Next Week
It has been quite some time since BlackBerry released a new handset. Recent reports suggest that its first Android-powered smartphone – the BlackBerry Priv – didn’t perform as well as it would have hoped. There’s speculation about the future of its handset business once again particularly following the end of the BlackBerry Classic’s production but the company isn’t bowing out of the handset market just yet. BlackBerry CEO John Chen […]

BlackBerry Priv Sales Miss Expectations
BlackBerry had a lot riding on the Priv, the first Android-powered handset that it ever came out with, and while many expected that the smartphone will be able to improve the company’s fortunes it didn’t perform quite as well as the Canadian company would have hoped. BlackBerry Priv sales have missed expectations, once again leading to speculation about the future of the company’s hardware business.

BlackBerry Priv Confirmed For Verizon, T-Mobile And Sprint
BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone was launched late last year, it was exclusive to AT&T for 60 days, and now with the carrier’s  exclusivity coming to an end it’s time for the company to bring this handset to the country’s other carriers. BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed during the company’s CES 2016 press conference that the BlackBerry Priv is coming soon to Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Next BlackBerry Android Smartphone Will Be Cheaper
Earlier this year BlackBerry released its first ever Android-powered smartphone, making the inevitable shift over to Google’s mobile platform in a last ditch effort to plug the losses of its hardware business. The BlackBerry Priv appears to be performing better than its BlackBerry 10 OS powered counterparts did last year and the company makes it clear that it’s not done yet. Not only will it release another Android-powered handset, but the upcoming […]


BlackBerry CEO Confirms There Are More Devices After The Priv
BlackBerry Priv is the company’s first Android-powered device, many see this as a make-or-break device for BlackBerry, with some even speculating that if it doesn’t do well perhaps BlackBerry may end up shutting down its hardware business. While the company has hinted at that, CEO John Chen has revealed in a new interview that the company does have more devices in the pipeline after the Priv.

BlackBerry May Shut Smartphone Business If It's Not Profitable In One Year
Much has been said and written about the fate of BlackBerry’s smartphone business. Less than a decade ago the company was a market leader but it all come crashing down post-2007 when the iPhone arrive and the smartphone game changed. It was slow to adapt and was left to catch up with the pack that had leaped far ahead. As the company seeks to revive its handset business with the launch […]

BlackBerry Might Develop Bacteria-Free Smartphone For Hospitals
As BlackBerry struggles to regain its footing in the global smartphone market the company has not given up on opportunities to become a niche player, it still focuses extensively on its security credentials which make it a darling for governments and militaries around the world. The company has also been catering to emerging markets with low-end devices that have reasonable price tags. BlackBerry might be eyeing a new opportunity in the healthcare business, […]

BlackBerry CEO Says Four New Devices Planned For This Year
We don’t hear much about BlackBerry these days but the company is still trying to regain its lost footing in the market. The devices it released last year, BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic, have done a reasonable job of improving its fortunes slightly. What does 2015 have in store for BB fans? According to CEO John Chen the company will launch four new devices this year.

BlackBerry Is Open To Creating A Tablet Again
In 2011 the BlackBerry Playbook was launched. The tablet didn’t do well in the market and BlackBerry lost a lot of money on it. Since then the company has not returned to the tablet market. Now with new leadership in place that’s taking the company into a different direction it is possible that a new tablet might also be on the cards. When asked about the possibility BlackBerry CEO John Chen […]

Having "Survived," BlackBerry Now Looking At Growth
Things weren’t looking too good for BlackBerry last year. The company decided to put itself up for sale but there was thin interest from potential suitors. It wrote down inventory worth billions because the Q10 and Z10 didn’t perform as well as the company would have wanted. Late last year BlackBerry received a billion-dollar cash injection which brought about change in the top management. Under new CEO John Chen the […]

BlackBerry Goes On Growth Footing After Years Of Layoffs
The once iconic Canadian manufacturer BlackBerry was in a free fall over the past couple of years. Its market share evaporated, stock plummeted and new devices flopped in the market. As a result the company was unable to keep all of its workforce which at its peak in 2011 boasted more than 17,500 employees. A rather painful restructuring process began and over three years roughly 60 percent of the workforce was laid […]

BlackBerry Beats Expectations By Posting Profit Amid Declining Revenue
Last year there was a lot of speculation about BlackBerry’s future. The company wrote down inventory worth a billion dollars as two of its BB10 devices flopped in the market. It even shopped itself to potential buyers before taking in a cash injection and hanging up the “for sale” sign. The company’s CEO was replaced by John Chen who then removed most top executives from the previous regimes and brought […]

BlackBerry Will Shift Focus To High-End QWERTY Handsets
BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been doing a good job of keeping the company in the news. Last year all we heard about the company was either related to its declining sales or precarious financial situation, not much was being said or written about its future plans. Ever since the new management took hold of the reins, they’ve spun the media machine to focus on the devices that BlackBerry will […]

BlackBerry Q20 Renamed 'BlackBerry Classic'
At the Mobile World Congress 2014, where the company showed off BlackBerry Z3, CEO John Chen said that they’re working on a high-end QWERTY model which will go back to the Bold’s roots. The company hasn’t shown it as yet, but Chen did tease a bit about it at MWC. Its going to have a Bold-like look, apart from a trackpad and the iconic function key belt. At the time […]