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Emergency defibrillator goes "Pika!!!"
If you happened to grow up during the Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) craze, then surely you would have come across this ubiquitous yellow critter known as Pikachu, who was more or less associated with Pokemon right from the get go. Being the only starter Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow, this is cute little bugger is an electric type Pokemon, which explains why he remains enclosed not in a Pokeball (as he does […]

Nagging Navigator adds more stress to the journey
Everyone gets nagged in some way or another. “Pick up your clothes”, “Do your homework”, “Have you handed in the report yet?” are just some of the examples that we have come across, and if you feel that driving with a backseat driver (who ironically, is seated right beside you) who loves nagging even in the car, perhaps you might want to purchase the Nagging Navigator Talking Novelty Gag as […]

April Fool's: Nokia N8 on Windows Phone 7
There is nothing quite like a little bit of video magic to highlight yet another joke for today (the 3D Monocle being the other), which sees a Nokia N8 smartphone run on Windows Phone 7. While it isn’t exactly impossible for something like this to have happened, it is nigh unlikely, and we are just sitting back to speculate if such a model were to arrive, would Nokia dub it […]

Magic 8-ball flash prank
What would you do if you saw a magic 8-ball lying around the room? Chances are that you’d take it and check it out (especially if you’re bored). Now some folks out there have decided to take advantage of that curiosity by ensuring that you’ll be rewarded with a burst of bright light. The folks behind this DIY project decided to rip open a disposable camera and integrate the flash […]


Joke: iArm Forearm Mount
This is obviously a joke, but it’s a funny one nonetheless. Remember how folks are scrambling to offer ways to keep your latest iPod nano strapped to your wrist like a watch? Well, the iArm Forearm Mount claims to be able to do something similar, with gadgets ranging from your iPad to a dinner plate. It claims to “only” weigh 4.5 lbs and is fully adjustable, so you can cram […]

TV Poltergeist Is A Great Prank To Play On Your Friends
Pranksters out there will certainly love the TV Poltergeist. It’s a programmable device that you can hide and have it turn the TV on and off are random intervals. You could hide it somewhere discreet, such as between the sofa cushions and aim the little LED at the TV, and have it work its magic. At $12.99, it’s probably worth the laugh that you’d get from the prank, but don’t […]

Forehead Texter for a better social experience
How many times have you been caught texting on your phone while someone else is talking to you at a party or social setting? Well, the Forehead Texter ought to be just perfect, thanks to Demetri Martin’s latest gadget which will project your text onto a person’s face in order for you to look the person in the eye with a decent conversation going on, while texting simultaneously. This would […]