Everyone gets nagged in some way or another. “Pick up your clothes”, “Do your homework”, “Have you handed in the report yet?” are just some of the examples that we have come across, and if you feel that driving with a backseat driver (who ironically, is seated right beside you) who loves nagging even in the car, perhaps you might want to purchase the Nagging Navigator Talking Novelty Gag as a hint to tone down on the nagging. For the single who want to relive those painful, caustic moments, just place a picture of mom and those memories will come flooding back in no time. 

This might seem to be a helpful dashboard navigator at first glance, but you would realize eventually that this $19.98 purchase won’t help you arrive at your destination in unfamiliar territory. Instead, it will go about nagging you – at your own pace, of course, as it is activated with the push of a button.

There are 15 caustic sayings to keep you amused, and I would say that this gets old rather fast. It is powered by a couple of AAA batteries, just keep this far away from the reach of your kids, otherwise you might just want to leave them stranded by the roadside after they pressed the Nagging Navigator non-stop all the way from San Francisco to New York.

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