If you happened to grow up during the Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) craze, then surely you would have come across this ubiquitous yellow critter known as Pikachu, who was more or less associated with Pokemon right from the get go. Being the only starter Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow, this is cute little bugger is an electric type Pokemon, which explains why he remains enclosed not in a Pokeball (as he does not fancy those), but rather, a far roomier Emergency Defibrillator casing with a window to the outside world to boot.

One of the cuter ways to start off your Wednesday, don’t you think so? You know something? This gag might actually gain enough traction to have some medical hardware company manufacture an actual defibrillator with two Pikachus emblazoned across it as it zaps someone in the chest just to get the point across that this is not a Pokemon to be trifled with.

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