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The New York Times Gets Flipboard Treatment On Android And Kindle Fire
If you happen to love everything about Flipboard and also have a penchant to read The New York Times whenever possible, then only iOS users would have had the pleasant experience of enjoying The New York Times over on Flipboard on their Apple devices. It is without much further ado, and with great pleasure that I announce the The New York Times will finally be made available in Flipboard for […]

Samsung And Amazon Beat Apple In Consumer Loyalty Index
Whenever articles are written that negatively portray Apple or its products, the running joke is that we should brace ourselves for Apple fanboys rushing in to defend the Cupertino company and its products. This is not a bad thing because it shows signs of customer loyalty which is always a good thing and is what most companies strive to achieve. However according to a recent Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index released […]

Kindle Fire Transforms Into Nexus 7
If you are a DIY enthusiast, then here is something that you might want to consider doing – that is, turning the Amazon Kindle Fire into a Google Nexus 7. Just how is that possible, you ask? Certainly there is no All Spark involved here, but fret not – it is a good thing there is a video that shows you it is possible. A XDA Developers user who calls […]

GameStop begins selling Kindle Fire at retail stores
If you’ve been looking to purchase a Kindle Fire this holiday season, but don’t want to be troubled with shopping for it online or at a large retailer like Best Buy or Target, you’ll now have another option of where you can pick one up as GameStop announced it will be selling the Kindle Fire in stores.The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD will be available at $199.99 at all of GameStop’s retail […]


Amazon Kindle Fire HD Update Brings Swype Keyboard With It
The latest software update from Amazon for the Kindle Fire HD has seen support for the new “Kindle Free Time Unlimited” subscription service implemented, but that is not all. I suppose this is because Christmas is around the corner, so it makes perfect sense to come up with more than just one benefit in an update, right? It seems that Amazon did throw in the Swype keyboard to the latest […]

Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 ROM gets ported onto the Nexus S
Good news Nexus S owners, if you’re looking for a rather interesting port for your handset, it seems that thanks to XDA Senior Member, GalaxyUser, the Kindle Fire 8.9 port has made its way onto your device! This is a pretty interesting reversal as for the most port, Kindle Fire owners have turned to alternative ports, so having a tablet ROM ported onto a smartphone, well we expect that the […]

Minecraft Pocket Edition out for Kindle Fire
It goes without saying that reading between the lines is a skill that most folks should pick up in order to be more sensitive to people around us when communicating. Having said that, when we heard that Minecraft Pocket Edition is now out on the Amazon Appstore, it also translates to the official availability of this device for the Kindle Fire. You need not worry about pricing differences for Minecraft […]

Best Buy takes pre-orders for new Kindle range
Remember the new Kindles which were announced just last week? Well, Best Buy has announced that they will be taking pre-orders for the new Kindle family, and these will be shipped when your calendar turns over to September 14. Of course, the Kindle Paperwhite ($119 for Wi-Fi and $179 for 3G) will arrive only in stores this coming October. Other details for the other Kindles are as follows – the […]

Amazon: New Kindle Fire lets you opt out of ads
Amazon had quite a smashing press event yesterday morning (read our round up about it, from where you can continue on to the individual device details), but that does not mean that we know all there is to know about the new Kindle Fire family. It goes without saying that Amazon attracted their fair share of detractors for including Special Offers on the lock screen for US models, meaning these […]

Kindle Fire updated, doubles up on RAM and speed
The Kindle Fire has just received a shot in the arm which might just see it eventually own more than 22% of tablet sales in the US alone. What can we find in the souped up version of the Kindle Fire? How does double the amount of RAM sound to you, accompanied by a 40% increase in speed thanks to a faster processor? You can place your order today at […]

Amazon to debut Kindle smartphone later today? [Rumor]
So Amazon will be holding an event today where presumably they will be showing off new Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire devices, but according to The Verge’s sources, it seems that we could be in for a surprise. So far Amazon has released Kindle e-readers and the Kindle Fire Android tablet, and many expect that these products will be refreshed later today, so that can hardly be called a surprise. […]

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 makes alleged log appearance
We have heard about Amazon preparing new Kindle Fire tablets for the near future, especially after rumors of an iPad mini are being thrown about while Google’s Nexus 7 does seem to thrive pretty well in this market segment. Well, someone has tipped Engadget about hardware usage logs which threw additional light on a couple of possible hits – where the new device is known as “AmazonKFTT” instead of the […]

Amazon rumored to launch two 7" Kindle Fire tablets
Many believe that Amazon is set to release a larger Kindle Fire tablet this year, a 10” one to be exact. While Amazon has yet to confirm these rumors and make an official announcement, a recent report from CNET has suggested otherwise, claiming that instead of launching a 10” Kindle Fire tablet alongside a 7” model, Amazon will be launching two 7” Kindle Fire tablets instead. They are claiming that […]

Amazon Kindle Fire sold out
The Kindle Fire from Amazon has been touted to be the top selling product on Amazon ever since it was launched 9 months ago, managing to capture up to 22% of the US tablet market along the way. Not only that, 10 out of the top 10 best-selling items on Amazon ever since the Kindle Fire rolled out in 2011 were, unsurprisingly, Kindle devices and content. Other accolades and bouquets […]