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Amazon Files For 'Firetube' Trademark, Might Be A New Product Or Service
Amazon has long been rumored to be developing its set-top box. Such rumors have been around for a long time, but a product has not materialized as yet. Now there’s even more chatter about an Amazon set-top box, given that it was recently discovered that the company has filed to trademark “Firetube” in U.S. and Canada. While there’s no confirmation as yet on what Firetube really is, it may be […]

Next-Gen Amazon Kindle Fire HD Leaked Photos Hit The Internet
Just a few months ago, we heard Amazon was in the process of updating its Kindle Fire tablets to receive improved displays and a slightly tweaked design. Shortly after the report was published, Amazon cut the price of its Kindle Fire HD by $40, which lead many to believe a new version was going to be announced sooner than later. It looks like we might finally be hearing about the next Kindle […]

Kindle Fire Tablets Rumored To Come With MediaTek Chips In 2014
It seems that the entry-level Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon will be easy on the pockets and bank balances as well, as those are rumored to arrive with MediaTek-made mobile chipsets from next year onwards. If this particular rumor were to be true, then it would most definitely be a “win” for the chip maker which happens to be based in Taiwan. After all, MediaTek is right now a household […]

Next Generation Kindle Fire HD Tablets Specs Rumored
It is already widely believed that Amazon is working on three new tablets that it will launch in the near future. One of these tablets is said to be the replacement for Amazon’s entry level Kindle Fire tablet, whereas the other two are said to be replacements for current Kindle Fire HD models. BGR claims to have received information regarding the specifications of these tablets from “multiple trusted sources.”


Amazon Working To Bring Back Flash On Kindle Fire Tablets
Amazon has said that it is working on bringing back Flash video support to its Kindle Fire tablets. They have been testing an "experimental streaming viewer" with selected users since February.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets Receiving Improved Displays, Tweaked Design [Report]
Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets have been a huge success for the company, but they might be an even bigger hit if what a report is claiming turns out to be true as the company is expected to release new versions of its tablets with not only a bump up in its display, but a new design as well.

Watch ABC Live TV Streaming App Available For Kindle Fire, Not Google Play
The Watch ABC app is now available for Amazon's Kindle Fire, but not on Google Play.

Tablets May Overtake Portable PC Sales By Year's End
It is expected that tablet sales will overtake portable PC sales by end of this year. It is also a possibility that all PC sales might be overtaken by tablets in 2015.

Asus Hopes To Shake Up Tablet Market With Its Small Windows 8 Tablets
Today in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Asus CEO Jerry Shen said that he was very optimistic about the sales of Windows 8 tablets. He says that tablets powered by Windows 8 will see a significant growth in sales this year, and to achieve that 7-inch tablets powered by Windows 8 are going to be essential. This is true to some extent as almost all major manufacturers have […]

10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Rumored
The 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon kick started the trend of small and mid-range tablets, that is the view that some have. While this can be debated upon, there’s no denying the fact that Google soon followed suit and released its own 7-inch tablet. Apple was a little late to the party with their iPad mini, but they made sure that their product will stand out from the crowd […]

Amazon Kindle Fire Plays Nice With Xbox SmartGlass
It was nearly a year ago when Microsoft first launched the Xbox SmartGlass, where an app for the Android version of the Xbox SmartGlass was also introduced sometime last year, seeing an update earlier this month which allowed it to play nice on Android-powered tablets – which is a good thing, of course. Well, there was a major cop out of sorts since support for Amazon’s range of Kindle Fire […]

Amazon Expands X-Ray Feature To TV Shows On Kindle Fire, Wii U
Amazon may not be building a $99 Kindle Fire, but it is rolling out its X-Ray for Movies feature it introduced six months ago on its Kindle Fire HD to now be able to offer the same service to its library of television shows.The X-Ray for TV will allow Kindle Fire users to be able to access IMDb while they’re watching a TV show, giving them immediate access to everything […]

Amazon Refutes Rumors Of $99 Kindle Fire Tablet
The other day we reported that according to the rumor mill, Amazon could be priming themselves for a release of a $99 Android tablet. Considering that the Kindle Fire was Amazon’s first Android tablet and one of the cheapest at that time, this rumor wasn’t completely out of the question, although it did sound too good to be true. Alas it really was because in a statement Amazon released to […]

Google Improves Gmail Mobile Web To Adopt Gmail 2.0 for iOS UI
We think it’s safe to say the UI redesign for Gmail 2.0 for iOS has received a large amount of praise from its users as the company is now expanding the UI design into its web apps.Gmail users who access their email account with its mobile web app or Gmail Offline will now be able to enjoy the same UI design as Gmail 2.0 for iOS users have been enjoying for […]