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Amazon September 6th press event to herald a new Kindle Fire?
Amazon’s Kindle Fire has done pretty well for itself on the tablet front, especially in the smaller screen segment that has yet to be threatened by Apple’s presence, although all of that might change eventually with the release of the rumored iPad mini. Well, at the moment, we do know that Amazon is not one company that rests on its laurels, having set a September 6th press event which is […]

iPad Mini display rumor could be Kindle Fire instead
What you see above was originally making its rounds throughout the Internet as some form of an iPad Mini display. Needless to say, we took it with a rather large grain of salt (and for good reason, too), since you know how close to the chest Apple plays their cards. Well, the alleged iPad Mini display turned out to be rather close to that of the Amazon Kindle Fire, so […]

Larger Amazon Kindle Fire arrives at the FCC?
What you see on the right could very well be a larger version of the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, where it has arrived in the form of an FCC filing by Amazon’s shell company, Harpers LLC. The filing does point towards a rather easy-on-the-eyes 10-inch touchscreen display at 4:3 aspect ratio, where it is tipped for a fall release later this year. Other than that, the image itself gives […]

Spotify makes its way onto the Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle Fire owners, if you felt that one of the features missing from your 7” tablet was Spotify, well you’re in luck as Spotify has officially made its way onto the Kindle Fire tablet, bringing with it custom radio stations, social features such as being able to view your friends’ playlists along with 320kbps music streaming. So if you’re a Kindle Fire owner and Spotify is one of the […]


Android tablet gaining share, thanks to low-cost devices [study]
Android-powered tablets are gaining traction according to Frank N. Magid Associates. In fact they are selling fast enough to decrease the iPad’s overall market share, despite recent record sales for the Apple tablet. In a survey, Frank N. Magid Associates found that the iPad share went down to 50% from a record high of 72% during the previous survey.The study’s conclusion was that low-cost devices like the Kindle Fire ($199) […]

Amazon Kindle Fire might see price drop to $169
While we do know that Amazon is working hard to roll out the spanking new Kindle Fire 2 to the masses later this fall, does that mean the original Kindle Fire will just die a quick death? Apparently not, as there are whispers going around that the original Amazon Kindle Fire will experience a price drop when its successor debuts, at least according to the good people over at DealNews. […]

AOL PLAY now for the Kindle Fire
AOL’s music app, PLAY, has been available on Android and iOS devices for some time now, but not for folks with the Kindle Fire (unless they managed to sideload it of course) and today it has finally arrived. AOL announced a new version of PLAY for the Kindle Fire. It’s been redesigned for the tablet and meant to take full advantage of its 7″ display. For those of you who […]

Amazon to release six new Kindle Fire tablets?
According to a statement by Staples’ president, Demos Parneros, Amazon has plans to introduce as many as six new Kindle Fire tablets. While some of you might be wondering – that’s a silly idea, and why would Amazon need six different variants of the new Kindle Fire? It probably doesn’t mean that there will be six radically different tablets – maybe we’ll have WiFi-only/3G variants, different sized displays (7″/10″) and of […]

Android Jelly Bean ported to Kindle Fire
If you’ve got a Kindle Fire and you don’t feel like using Amazon’s customized version of Android – why not give it an upgrade to the latest version of Android? As usual, the folks over at XDA-Developers have worked their magic and come up with a custom ROM for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The ROM is still in beta but it’s usable enough though there are few features not working, […]

Amazon Kindle Next reportedly enters the arms race with a quad-core tablet
As you may have seen, the launch of the Google Nexus 7 has basically turned the 7″ Kindle Fire into a “toy” which purchase is really hard to justify because its hardware is so weak, the software is so locked, and the added simplicity is so little. The arrival of the $200 Tegra-3/Android 4.1 powered Nexus 7 will change the landscape in what used to be called “low-end” Android tablets, […]

Amazon Discounting Kindle Fire Ahead of The Nexus Tablet?
The Amazon Kindle Fire can now be purchased with $30 coupons (local deal), which represent a 15% discount over the full $199 price of the device. This is not really a fire sale, but from what analyst firm IDC is reporting, the shipments of the Kindle Fire went from 4.8M to 0.7M from Q4 2011 to Q1 2012. This means that the Kindle Fire may need a boost.

HBO GO arrives on the Amazon Kindle Fire
Good news Kindle Fire owners, just in case Amazon’s own offerings weren’t enough, it looks like you guys will now have the option of getting your videos via the HBO GO app! The app will be free for download of course, and is currently available via the Amazon Appstore. Just in case you’re wondering what’s the fuss, the HBO GO app will basically allow HBO subscribers with service through certain […]

Amazon Gets Dilbert and Doonesbury Digital Comic Anthologies: Kindle Fire Exclusive
Amazon today announced that two anthologies of Doonesbury as well as Dilbert comic strips will be available for purchase for their first time in digital format as a Kindle Fire exclusive. In a deal between the company and Publishing company Andrews McMeel, Kindle Fire users will be able to purchase Garry Trudeau’s “40: A Doonesbury Retrospective” as well as Scott Adams’ “Dilbert 2.0” for $9.99 and $7.99 respectively.

Amazon rumored to launch 10.1" Kindle Fire in Q3 2012
Rumors of a new Amazon Kindle Fire arriving this year have been running rampant. Granted it’s not out of the question for Amazon to refresh the Kindle Fire’s hardware for 2012, but so far based on the rumors, it seems that Amazon could have either two Kindle Fires planned, or they might only release one. Back in March we reported that Amazon was rumored to launch a 7” and a […]