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Scaraby energy backpack concept charges with solar and kinetic energy
Because going green is good, alternative forms of energy are getting more common by the day, especially those that are generated by renewable sources. A designer named Benjamin Beck from Berlin has decided to come up with a concept battery pack called the Scaraby Energy Backpack. Acting as a portable battery pack, the Scaraby has a three prong socket – just like the ones we find in walls all over […]

Energysport Harnesses Kinetic Energy From Your Bike To Juice Your Gadgets
Having trouble keeping your devices juiced while making those long and tiring biking trips? If you had this concept Energysport device, maybe your devices will be able to stay alive a little longer. The device can be attached to the wheels of your bicycle and will harness the kinetic energy and convert it into usable electricity. It’s easily removable, so you’ll be able to take it with you once you’ve […]

Rocking Chair turns kinetic energy into electrical power
Designer Shawn Kim must have spent plenty of time in his grandfather’s lap, rocking to soothing lullabies and stories as both grandparent and grandchild relax in the family rocking chair. After all, this rocking chair that he designed will rely on all kinetic energy generated, transformed into electrical power which can then be used to juice up your gadgets. Made out of a body that is finished in stainless steel […]

nPower PEG charger loves kinetic energy to juice itself up
How many of you out there actually tote a backpack? If you’ve answered in the affirmative, then might we suggest checking out the nPower PEG charger? This unique device aims to harvest all kinetic energy generated by you as you walk around (or even bike or run), as long as you place this 9″ tall device in your bag vertically. There are 100 interchangeable adapters to suit a variety of […]


Cellphone Charger With USB Nanogenerator Concept Keeps Devices Juiced
We’ve seen similar concepts before, but until such technology becomes commonplace, we’re still excited every time someone comes up with such a design. We’re talking about this kinetic charger that has been integrated into a pair of shoes, which allows you to hook your device up via USB cable, and the integrated nanogeneration system will begin to juice your device’s battery when you walk or enjoy any kind of sports. […]

Orange Power Wellies Keep Your Phone Charged If You're Willing To Walk
While there are many ways to have your device juiced up while you’re on a camping trip, these Power Wellies from Orange look quite different, not to mention bulky. The idea behind this is to generate electricity from the heat in your feet, which more or less requires you to trod around for a good twelve hours to generate enough power to charge a mobile phone for an hour. Orange […]

Spin-to-charge Eco-friendly EC509 Green Core Phone Concept
Concept phones are always interesting to check out, and this concept Nokia phone designed by British designer Matteo Trisolini has a rather interesting design. Dubbed the EC509 Green Core, it’s an eco-friendly cell phone that is wrapped in a carton with a free postage sticker which users can use to send their current mobile phone back to the manufacturer in. It’s powered by kinetic energy, so you can charge the […]