Scaraby energy backpack

Because going green is good, alternative forms of energy are getting more common by the day, especially those that are generated by renewable sources. A designer named Benjamin Beck from Berlin has decided to come up with a concept battery pack called the Scaraby Energy Backpack. Acting as a portable battery pack, the Scaraby has a three prong socket – just like the ones we find in walls all over the place, allowing us to plug pretty much anything into it for power.


What makes this portable battery pack so special? For starters, it can be recharged by the power of the sun – perfect for those hot, lazy days where you don’t want to do anything but just relax, you can leave it out in the sunlight to juice it up. But for those days when you’re up and out, being an active person, the Scaraby can be charged by your movements, converting kinetic energy into electricity.

No word on how long the battery will last, or how long it takes to charge, but the concept itself is pretty sweet. Green and functional, not to mention very useful in times of need. Let’s hope this energy backpack becomes a real product.

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