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Samsung Unveiled The Enterprise-Ready Galaxy XCover Pro Smartphone
While we are already waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S20 next month, Samsung just unveiled its enterprise-ready smartphone ‘Galaxy XCover Pro’.It may not be the prettiest smartphone you have seen but it is indeed a stylish-rugged smartphone for workers from a variety of industries.Not just limited to Samsung’s Knox Security platform and durability, it also features walkie-talkie capability that Microsoft Teams support.In the press release, Samsung mentions its interest in […]

Samsung Using KNOX To Rollout Keyboard Vulnerability Patch
Yesterday we reported that there was a security flaw in Samsung’s default keyboard which potentially leaves over 600 million Samsung phones open to an attack. Now oddly enough the folks at NowSecure claim that Samsung was notified back in December 2014 and apparently promised that the patch would be issued through carriers.However it seems that maybe that was not the case as Samsung has since released a statement, claiming that […]

BlackBerry And Samsung Team Up To Enhance Android Security For Enterprise
BlackBerry is conducting an event today where it is going to unveil its vision for the enterprise. The company is also expected to unveil the much awaited BlackBerry Classic smartphone which it believes will appease some of its core users that just want a QWERTY keyboard and the action key belt. At the event BlackBerry also announced a partnership with an unlikely partner: Samsung. The two are going to join forces […]

Google Explains How Knox Improves Android L Security
At Google I/O 2014 the company unveiled Android L, the next major update for its mobile platform. At the event Google announced that it will be incorporating parts of Samsung’s Knox enterprise security suite to improve the security of the Android platform. The end game here is to make it easier for organizations to allow employees to bring their own Android devices to work and use them on corporate networks, thus […]


Samsung Reportedly Giving Up On Knox
Samsung tried to position itself as a major player in the enterprise space by launching the Knox security suite. Up till now it has only been exclusive to the company’s own devices, offering increased security and giving users the ability to separate personal and work data on one device. But a new report claims that Samsung is done with Knox and is handing over the reins to Google. The company announced […]

Android Obtains Enterprise Enhancements Thanks To Samsung, Google
Samsung and Google have announced that the upcoming version of Android will be able to see the integration of some bit of Samsung’s KNOX technology. It does seem as though the next generation Android version will open up its doors to the enterprise market as well, boasting of a separate container that allows the mobile operating system to manage and secure business data. Samsung has worked alongside Google to make […]

Samsung May Expand Biometric Sensors To Low-End Devices
Biometric sensors are the latest trend in the mobile device market. Most major manufacturers are adopting fingerprint sensors as a safety measure while Samsung has gone as far as to use them to approve PayPal payments. This technology hasn’t trickled down from flagship models as yet but Samsung is looking at ways to bring them to its low-end devices which are quite popular in certain markets around the world.

Samsung Knox 2.0 Now Available For Galaxy S5
Last year Samsung introduced Knox, an end-to-end secure platform designed to provide advanced data and privacy protection to enterprise users. The platform makes it easier for IT departments to bring in Samsung’s devices in the workplace if they’re on a Bring Your Own Device strategy. Users are free to use a single device for business and personal use without worrying about data mixing up between the two. Today the company announced […]

Samsung Responds To KNOX Security Concerns
Back in 2013, security researchers discovered a vulnerability in Samsung’s KNOX security suite (Samsung’s answer to BlackBerry Balance), leaving many Samsung owners a little paranoid over privacy and safety concerns. Well the good news is that Samsung has finally managed to address the issue, and according to the South Korean tech giant, it seems that this is nothing to worry about. For those learning about the vulnerability in KNOX for […]

Researchers Find 'Serious Vulnerability' In Samsung Knox Security Suite
Samsung has evidently pushed into the business market this year, trying to rope in more enterprise customers, who have traditionally opted for BlackBerry smartphones. The trend in shifting though as major companies opt for BYOD environments, which is why Apple and Samsung have been trying hard to capture what ground BlackBerry has lost. The Korean company launched its Knox security suite earlier this year which basically creates a “container” that runs […]