samsung-Knox-loginBack in 2013, security researchers discovered a vulnerability in Samsung’s KNOX security suite (Samsung’s answer to BlackBerry Balance), leaving many Samsung owners a little paranoid over privacy and safety concerns. Well the good news is that Samsung has finally managed to address the issue, and according to the South Korean tech giant, it seems that this is nothing to worry about. For those learning about the vulnerability in KNOX for the first time, it seems that hackers who know about the exploit will be able to monitor data communications and also access emails, which for some users could be costly as their emails might contain highly sensitive information.

According to Samsung, they claim that the “exploit uses legitimate Android network functions in an unintended way to intercept unencrypted network connections from/to applications on the mobile device.” Basically what they’re saying is that this is not an issue with KNOX or Android, but rather a  “Man in the middle” attack which Samsung’s KNOX will most definitely protect again. For the layman all the use of this technical jargon does seem a little confusing, but we guess what Samsung is trying to say is that KNOX users will not have anything to worry about as far as the security of their data is concerned.

Considering that government bodies like the Pentagon had approved the use of Galaxy devices as long as they had KNOX installed should also offer some measure of assurance of its security, right?

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