Samsung tried to position itself as a major player in the enterprise space by launching the Knox security suite. Up till now it has only been exclusive to the company’s own devices, offering increased security and giving users the ability to separate personal and work data on one device. But a new report claims that Samsung is done with Knox and is handing over the reins to Google. The company announced during I/O 2014 that a part of Knox will be implemented in Android itself from now on.

Thus the company’s advancement in this particular area would help improve the overall security outlook on all Android devices, the Knox technology would no longer remain exclusive to Samsung. Forbes reports that Knox’s market share is less than 2 percent even after the U.S. DoD approved its use.

For a long time BlackBerry has held a firm grasp on the coveted enterprise space, catering to the governments, military agencies, law firms and medical institutions. While the Canadian manufacturer has bled enterprise market share as well, it hasn’t stopped touting the security features of its software, and the company’s CEO was quick to criticize Google’s decision of implementing a part of Knox in Android.

Though it merits mentioning here that the Forbes reports doesn’t cite any sources so for all we know Samsung might not be done with Knox. It doesn’t even say what the company intends to do with Knox, only hinting that it may re-emerge as a feature on Tizen, Samsung’s homegrown operating system.

If Samsung decides to give up on Knox it would surely make an announcement, so far that hasn’t happened, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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