iPhone 5 hinted to carry 4G LTE capability

This is yet another possible hint that the next generation iPhone, where some prefer to call it the new iPhone or just iPhone 5 for the sake of continuity, might just carry 4G LTE capability as a couple of cellular operators in Korea – namely SK Telecom and KT, spilled the beans to the Korea Times that their respective companies are well advanced in talks with the fruity company in […]

KT to roll out NFC iPhone 4 case

Just last week we reported that SK Telecom in South Korea had plans to introduce an NFC enabled SIM card, which would allow NFC capabilities on just about any phone. Perhaps not wanting to be left out of the loop, or maybe it’s the NFC craze catching on in South Korea, but another South Korean carrier, KT (formerly known as Korea Telecom), has been reported to have plans to roll […]

KT Spider concept is a closet Transformer

At every tech conference or show such as CES or IFA, chances are if you search hard enough, you will stumble across a gem of a story, presumably a company that is far from the spotlight and yet has churned out a rather cool looking device which is actually functional. This time around at IFA 2011 in Berlin, Germany, a company that is nowhere near the level of the big […]

KT rolls out BRICKS EV-F600 phone

The BRICKS handset from KT of Korea, also known as the EV-F600, will certainly appeal to those who do not have that many demands when it comes to design considering the minimalistic nature of it. Available in black and white colors only, the BRICKS will sport a 3.2” WQVGA touchscreen display, a rather disappointing 2-megapixel camera (well, we did say that it was minimalist, didn’t we?), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, […]


LG Optimus Tab spotted, or is it the KT Identity Tab?

[CES 2011] CES 2011 seems to bring about plenty of surprises. First off we had a dummy iPad 2 tablet make an appearance and next up we’ve got pictures of what is speculated to be the rumored Optimus Tab from LG. LG’s official Twitter account has since said that it’s the KT Identity Tab, but with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab enjoying its dominant position in the Android tablet market, it’ll be […]

Korean carriers not hot on the Nexus S

Google’s latest Nexus S might be popular over in the US and UK, but word is going around that South Korean mobile operators aren’t too hot about the phone just yet. According to reports, SK Telecom and KT, South Korea’s largest mobile operators, aren’t planning to offer the Nexus S yet, since they can’t include locally-customized services, such as SK’s T-Map. Korean Nexus S fans will probably be hoping that […]

Apple iPad Nearly Approved For Sale In South Korea

Apple is in the midst of seeking approval to sell the iPad in South Korea, and if everything goes according to plan, the popular tablet might even launch in November, pitting it against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in its native country. A decision on the approval is expected within the next five days and there is the possibility of Apple partnering with the official Korean iPhone carrier, KT, in order to […]

Video of Samsung Galaxy U for LG U+

We already know what the Samsung Galaxy U looks like, as the device is one which will arrive in South Korea, but you will be able to see it in real life action thanks to the wonders of video here. Rumored to launch in that part of the world later this month, it will share many similar features as with the Samsung Galaxy S (which comes in many variants), sporting a […]

KT To Offer The Google Nexus One In South Korea

Looks like Google’s move to open its Nexus One smartphone to retail sales could be making the device more attractive to carriers as KT Corp, South Korea’s second largest mobile carrier, has announced that it will be beefing its smartphone line-up with the release of the Nexus One. The Nexus One will first be offered via online stores and will then be expanded through retailers the following month. Aside from having […]

Sales Of Samsung Omnia II Top 600,000 In South Korea

Samsung certainly seems rather smug, and it should be, as the company has announced that its Omnia II smartphone has surpassed 600,000 units in South Korea. According to Samsung, the Omnia II has averaged about 100,000 units a month, and users are satisfied with its performance and after sales service. It’s also worth noting that Samsung sells different versions of its Omnia II in South Korea, with the T*Omnia II […]

KT To Offer The LG KH5200 Andro-1 In Korea

If you think that the LG KH5200 Andro-1 phone looks rather familiar, you’re right, as it seems that this phone is a rebadged version of the LG GW620 that we’ve seen before. The KH5200 will be launching in Korea via KT as soon as next week, and should be going for about 600,000 won ($531). What makes it more interesting is the rumblings of a plan that will allow you […]

Motorola XT720 To Hit South Korea

Mid last-year, we heard that there would be a Motorola Android phone released in South Korea in early 2010, and it seems that we were right. The Motorola XT701, which was released in China, will be released in South Korea next month via SK Telecom, though it will be branded as the Motorola XT720. Aside from the XT720, SK Telecom has plans to launch a good 13 Android phones this […]