The BRICKS handset from KT of Korea, also known as the EV-F600, will certainly appeal to those who do not have that many demands when it comes to design considering the minimalistic nature of it. Available in black and white colors only, the BRICKS will sport a 3.2” WQVGA touchscreen display, a rather disappointing 2-megapixel camera (well, we did say that it was minimalist, didn’t we?), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, DMB support and USB. What makes the BRICKS/EV-F600 stand out would be its touted “Simple & Sensible User Interface” which does seem to take a few pages out of Microsoft’s book, as you can see traces of a Zune HD or Windows Phone 7 in there. The name “BRICK” itself will probably not work Stateside, but since this will see action in Korea only at the moment, we’re guessing nobody there would bother about the handset living up to its namesake should you install a botched firmware update.

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