At every tech conference or show such as CES or IFA, chances are if you search hard enough, you will stumble across a gem of a story, presumably a company that is far from the spotlight and yet has churned out a rather cool looking device which is actually functional. This time around at IFA 2011 in Berlin, Germany, a company that is nowhere near the level of the big guns such as Samsung, LG and Sony in terms of brand awareness, actually delivered a concept that is mind blowingly beautiful. We’re talking about South Korea’s KT whose new Spider concept project will be able to function as a laptop, tablet, smartphone and handheld gaming device – simultaneously!

At the moment, KT is the largest provider in South Korea but they still need to get more involved in marketing if they want to be more known outside of Asia, and this particular concept might result in a future that sees an efficient ecosystem for multiple devices. No idea on whether this concept will ever make it to the real world though, but one can dream, right?

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