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NEC LAVIE Pro Mobile: Incredibly Light 1.8 Lbs 13.3-inch Laptop
The NEC LAVIE series of ultralight laptops dated back at least from 2010 and evolved with the technology of the day, including an Ultrabook version,  but 2015 was a particular year because NEC started to partner with Lenovo to commercialize the LaVie Z13, and again today with the 1.85 Lbs 13.3-inch NEC LAVIE Pro Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex α Thin & Light Laptop
Samsung has been building laptops for a while but has been more active (in the U.S market) in the past couple of years, and the new Samsung Galaxy Book Flex α (alpha) is an expansion in the Thin & light (sub 4 Lbs) market, at an $830 price where the volumes may be higher.

New Dell XPS 13 Gets Incredible Screen, All Metal Design
Like clockwork, Dell is updating its flagship thin & light laptop right on time for CES, which starts this Sunday as far as media coverage is concerned. Two years ago, Dell broke new ground with this XPS 13 redesign, and a significant refresh has arrived.

Intel-Powered Laptops Could Get A Lot Cooler
Due to the way laptops are designed, which are typically created to be light and portable, certain compromises had to be made, such as in terms of its cooling. This is versus desktop computers where due to their size, it allows for better ventilation and cooling. However, future Intel-powered laptops could solve thermal issues.


What To Expect At CES 2020
CES 2020 will be taking place next week. This is an exciting time of the year because CES is easily the largest consumer electronics show in the year. Many companies usually take this opportunity to announce new products, show off prototypes that they’re working on, along with various concepts and ideas that they are working on. (photo courtesy of CTA)

Lenovo ThinkPad X390 Review
The Lenovo ThinkPad X390 is a great option for users who want something a bit more compact than the X1 Yoga or T400, but more affordable than the X1 Carbon.

Apple Patent Fuels iPhone In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Rumors
With the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple made some design changes to the Touch Bar portion of the laptop, where they added a physical Esc key and also separated Touch ID from the Touch Bar itself. However, one of the changes that wasn’t widely-advertised is how Touch ID on the new MacBook Pro was changed from capacitive to optical.

4K Pixelbook Go Now Available For Purchase
Back in October, Google introduced their new Pixelbook Go laptop. The base model of the laptop is rather affordable at around $650, but Google also announced that there were plans to offer up a model that comes with a 4K display for those who might have need for a higher resolution.

LG Unveils New Gram Laptops With 10th Gen Intel Processors
At the rate that technology is evolving and changing, it’s always a good idea to ensure that whatever tech you buy is the best at the time. This is because every year new and more powerful hardware is introduced, so if you’re not the type that is constantly upgrading, then having the latest tech helps ensure you stay ahead of the curve, at least for a while.

Apple To Issue Software Fix For 16-inch MacBook Pro Popping Speakers
Last week according to user reports, it seems that some 16-inch MacBook Pro owners were reporting that they were hearing popping sounds emitting from their speakers. Thankfully, if you’re the owner of a laptop that is having this issue, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has acknowledged the issue and will be releasing a software fix for it.

Some 16-inch MacBook Pro Speakers Are Emitting Popping Sounds
Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro does not come cheap, although early reviews have suggested that it could be well-worth your money as many seem to be pretty thrilled with its performance, size, and also its keyboard, which sees Apple ditch the butterfly switches in favor of more traditional scissor switches.

Some Entry-Level 2019 13-inch MacBook Pros Are Unexpectedly Shutting Down
If you own a 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro and you’re experiencing unexpected shut downs, know that you’re not alone. Apple has recently shared a support document in which they are acknowledging that there are some entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro models that are experiencing this problem.

16-inch MacBook Pro Could Adopt Mini LED Displays Next Year
It was only a couple of years ago when Apple finally hopped onto the OLED bandwagon as far as its smartphones were concerned. The rest of Apple’s products, save for the Apple Watch, continue to rely on LCD, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there are certain advantages of OLED that we’re sure many would like to see brought over to the iPad and Mac computers.

16-inch MacBook Pro Has A New Mysterious Lid Angle Sensor
With the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple introduced its largest laptop to date. For the most part, the design of the laptop is the same as its predecessors save for the larger screen, and even internally, the way the components are laid out also appears to be similar, with the exception of a new keyboard and also new thermal architecture.