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Google's Larry Page Is Spending Money On Flying Cars
Google may be doing great work on self-driving cars but one of the company’s founders is looking beyond cars on the road, he appears to be interested in cars in the sky. Reports reveal that Google co-founder Larry Page has been pouring some serious money into two startups based in California that are seriously working on flying cars. The startups are known but Page’s involvement in the project has only […]

Google Co-Founders' First Tesla Test Drive Was Embarrassing For Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk recalled an interesting story from the early days of his company at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting today. He recalled that the first Tesla test drive taken by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin was quite embarrassing for him because a bug was preventing the car from going fast. The bug had actually limited the car to just 10 mph, meaning that the Google co-founders were […]

Google's First Steps
On a day in late August, 1998, two Stanford Phd. students managed to make $100,000 with a few mouse clicks by showing their new search technology to Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy von Bechtolsheim.The seasoned Silicon Valley executive was so taken with what he saw that he dashed to his Porsche, pulled his check book from the glove compartment and wrote check number 4642 in the name of a company that […]