Google may be doing great work on self-driving cars but one of the company’s founders is looking beyond cars on the road, he appears to be interested in cars in the sky. Reports reveal that Google co-founder Larry Page has been pouring some serious money into two startups based in California that are seriously working on flying cars. The startups are known but Page’s involvement in the project has only been made public now, even though he hasn’t confirmed if the reports are true or false.

Bloomberg has published a report claiming that Larry Page has been spending money on Kitty Hawk and Zee.Aero, the two startups that are serious about making flying cars.

Multiple sources claim that Zee.Aero has actually developed a couple of prototypes which it’s regularly testing at a facility near a runway in Hollister in southern California. These prototypes are said to be plane-like cars with propellers in the back, one prototype is apparently for one person at a time while the other is capable of carrying multiple passengers.

There’s a possibility that Page might no longer remain a patron of both startups because Bloomberg itself says that Page’s involvement with these startups hinges on anonymity and that he’s said that if his connection becomes public he will immediately withdraw his support. Whether or not this will actually happen remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely if the result will ever be made public.

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