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Tired of Twitter? Do you feel like starting over in a brand new, unpopulated micro-blogging social network? Well, you now can. The creator of TwitPic has launched his own version of Twitter called Heello (which is strangely difficult to type). And just like Twitter, you can update people about what you’ve been up to, communicate with them, and even share pictures. But instead of Tweets, you have Pings, instead of Followers, you have Listeners, and instead of Retweets, you have Echoes.

Coincidentally, this launch comes the day after Twitter launched its own picture uploading service, which eschews the need for third party services. Since TwitPic will ultimately be replaced (I mean, who is going to bother visiting another site for photo uploads anymore?) I wonder if Heello will make an impact on the Twitter crowd.

At the moment it really looks and feels just like a fully-functional Twitter clone, with nothing new to add to the mix, and besides the lack of Promoted Tweets (which will probably arrive in the future) there’s no reason to migrate to the service. I guess you can take advantage of it being new and get yourself the username you’ve always wanted but didn’t manage to get on Twitter. If you do use Heello, let us know what you think about it.

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