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Motorola launches Milestone 3 (Droid 3) in China
The Motorola Milestone 3 or better known as the Droid 3 in the US has been leaked a number of times in recent weeks: first in specs and images; and then in a tutorial video. Now it looks like Motorola is ready to officially unveil the phone to the world. But unlike most of its launches that happen on this side of the world, the Motorola Droid 3 will make its […]

T-Mobile doubles 4G speeds in over 50 markets
After announcing plans to double its 4G speeds back in CES earlier this year, T-Mobile finally delivers.  Starting tomorrow, folks in 55 markets will have access to theoretical download speeds of 42Mbps. While at the moment there aren’t any T-Mobile devices available that support such speeds, we shouldn’t have to wait too long.On May 25th, T-Mobile’s first 42Mbps capable product will be released – the T-Mobile Rocket 3.0 laptop stick. […]

New Yahoo! Mail launched
Yahoo! has finally removed the beta tag from the latest version of its Mail service, kick starting the rollout of the latest version to its 284 million users worldwide today. While Yahoo! Mail is the US’ largest web portal’s email service, it is available in a total of 43 markets and 26 different languages all over the world.The new version of Yahoo! Mail has some interesting features like social-networking integration […]

Mozilla Firefox 5 enters beta stage on time
Folks looking forward to the next version of Firefox will be delighted to know that Firefox 5 looks like it’s right on track to launch on June 21st. The successor to Firefox 4 has recently made its way out of the Aurora channel and into the beta channel for further testing by the public. There aren’t going to be many significant changes from version 4 to version 5 but according to […]


HTC EVO 3D might launch on June 4th
We all know that the HTC EVO 3D is already up for pre-order, but when can we get our hands on the phone? Well, if the latest leaks prove to be true, it might be on June 4th – or at least somewhere around there. The folks over at XDA developers managed to get a screenshot showing a RadioShack email with the subject: EVO 3D. In the body of the […]

Motorola Droid X2 officially announced
After all the leaks, rumors, photographs, videos and speculations, it took Verizon and Motorola their sweet time, but they finally did it. Earlier today, the two companies officially announced the launch of the Droid X2. With all its specs confirmed prior to today, it wasn’t really much of a surprise, but we’ve discovered some new features of the phone and its price on contract.The Motorola Droid X2 will have a […]

Plants vs. Zombies for Android arriving on May 31
Plants vs. Zombies has been out on the iPhone for over a year now and it’s still yet to arrive on any other smartphone platform. Well the reign of iOS is about to end! According to the latest reports, PopCap Games will be releasing Plants vs. Zombies for Android smartphones at the end of this month.Following the footsteps of Angry Birds Rio, Plants vs. Zombies will debut as an Amazon […]

HTC Sensation 4G launching on June 8
Folks looking forward to get their hands on the HTC’s first dual-core phone, the HTC Sensation 4G won’t have to wait much longer. The folks over at TmoNews managed to get their hands on an internal screenshot showing the launch date of the HTC Sensation 4G: June 8.This lines up nicely with previous rumors about the June 8 release date as well, and if everything goes according to plan, that’s […]

Apple launches new iMac computers
The Apple Store was down earlier today, and as usual people predicted that it was time for a new iMac to hit the store. They were right. Apple has officially announced the arrival of their next generation iMac all-in-one desktop. The new iMac features the latest quad-core processors, new graphics cards, Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera. They tout this version of the iMac to be 70% […]

Google Docs app now available on Android
Google has just announced the launch of the Google Docs app for Android today. Folks who use the cloud “office” service on their computers will be glad to know that they now can access Google Docs on their phones natively instead of having to go through a browser.

LG Optimus Big officially announced
LG has officially announced a new addition to their Optimus Android phone lineup. The largest phone in its Optimus series, the LG Optimus Big (LU6800) is aptly named for its huge display. LG has removed the fancy glasses-free 3D screen of the Optimus 3D and traded it in for a widescreen 4.3″ WVGA NOVA display, touted to provide bright, crisp and colorful visuals. It also packs a dual-core 1GHz processor, […]

BlackBerry Bold Touch: the only device to be launched at the BlackBerry World event?
BlackBerry fans who are expecting a whole slew of devices to be announced at next week’s BlackBerry World event might be in for a letdown. According to the folks at BGR, two of their independent s sources informed them that there will only be one phone announced at the show – the BlackBerry Bold Touch. The BlackBerry World event has been touted as one of the biggest BlackBerry events of […]

Sprint Motorola Xoom and Nexus S 4G arriving in early May?
The folks over at Engadget have managed to get their hands on a screenshot showing an internal schedule for Sprint employees, and it reveals some interesting details. On April 25 (which is in a few days), training for the Motorola Xoom Android tablet and Samsung Nexus S 4G begins – which means the devices might be landing not too long after that. But if you’ve been anticipating getting your hands […]

Acer Iconia Tab W500 tablet on sale today
Acer’s latest tablet, the Iconia Tab W500 is now available for sale now in North America. Designed for folks looking for a tablet but don’t want to be constrained by tablet operating systems such as Android or iOS, the Windows 7-powered tablet is no slouch when it comes to work or entertainment.

MSI C Series Notebooks now on sale
MSI Computer Corp has announced the arrival of their new C Series Notebooks. Named the CX640 and CR640, these laptops are designed for the mainstream consumer and are geared to do both school and office work. The computers come outfitted with standard specs designed to make regular everyday tasks a breeze but don’t expect to run Crysis 2 on max settings with them.

Nokia E6 officially launched
Nokia has just removed the covers off their upcoming business Symbian phone – the E6. Next in line after the highly successful E71 and E72 phones, the E6 features the same QWERTY candy bar shape, but this time it packs a touchscreen display instead of a regular screen. It has a 2.46″ VGA display, an 8 megapixel with dual-LED flash, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, USB On-the-Go, and is preloaded with […]

Nokia X7 officially launched
The Nokia X7 that was leaked previously in photos and videos has now been officially announced by Nokia. Packing a large 4″ AMOLED screen, the Nokia X7 is designed to be an entertainment-focused Symbian Anna (the latest version of Symbian) handset. With no physical buttons on the screen and a sleek symmetrical design, the X7 sure is a looker. With a Corning Gorilla Glass display to make sure you don’t […]

Samsung Galaxy S 2 won't be delayed
After yesterday’s rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S 2 being delayed due to a processor upgrade, it appears that Samsung has refuted such claims about a delay. While there was no official confirmation about the processor upgrade, Samsung has specifically tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be released in April as planned. And like its original rollout schedule, it will hit higher priority markets before others though we can […]

Nintendo Wii 2 launching this spring?
Now we all know that Nintendo won’t be releasing any in-house developed games this spring, but what does it all mean? In an interesting analysis posted up on Kotaku, Nintendo’s drought of games might actually be the opposite of their developers taking a well-deserved break from pumping out new games for their current consoles (3DS, DS, and Wii). According to the data of Nintendo’s game release history for the past […]

NASA to broadcast Soyuz events and launch in HD
Great news for fans of the NASA TV HD channel. The space administration has officially announced that the launch for their next space mission will be broadcast live on the NASA TV HD channel. The mission that sees the ISS crew fly out to the ISS in the Soyuz spacecraft, launching from Baikonur, Kazakhstan; will be shot in high definition for you to watch (don’t worry, if you only have […]