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Dell 27 USB-C Ultrathin Monitor: Beauty and Performance
The Dell 27 USB-C Ultrathin Monitor is an HDR computer monitor designed to look great and provide the multimedia and color-rendering performance that high-end users and creative semi-professional would want, or need.

Slidenjoy, Portable Rotating Dual Monitor for Laptops
I got an interesting call yesterday from Belgium-based Slidenjoy co-founder, Charlee Jeunehomme, regarding his highly successful Kickstarter campaign, the first one in Belgium on Kickstarter, according to him. In fact, the crowdfunding service just launched a month ago in that country, and the Slidenjoy portable monitor campaign rose over $420,000 in just 8 days!Since we started Ubergizmo, ten years ago, we were always looking for additional portable monitors to purchase because […]

Field Monitor Pro is a compact wonder
There are two sides to a coin in everything, and the same applies to life. Having a really huge desktop replacement notebook is one thing when it comes to processing muscle and graphical firepower, but the size of such a monster won’t really make your shoulders smile at the end of a long day. What about toting around a netbook that is decent enough to get whatever mobile computing job […]

Planar SA2311W display does the 3D jig at 120Hz
Stereoscopic 3D is the biggest thing since, well, plasma and LCD TVs, and Planar wants to dip their fingers in this market niche as well with their latest release, a 23-inch 3D monitor. This will be very different from what the company normally offers, which would be high-end models. Known as the SA2311W display, it will come with a 120Hz refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2ms response time, VGA/dual-link […]


HP unveils 23-inch HP 2310e monitor
HP doesn’t just make computers, you know. The top computer manufacturer in the world has just rolled out its latest white LED-backlit display known as the HP 2310e, and judging by the model number of the monitor, you can more or less guess that it will come with 23-inches of viewing real estate. Capable of reproducing a 1080p image with a 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, accompanied by 250 nits of […]

Atlona Technologies 7-inch 1080P Testing Monitor picks up 2010 Custom Retailer EXC!TE Award
Atlona Technologies is honored that they have received the Custom Retailer EXC!TE Award at the at CEDIA in Atlanta, Georgia, in the High Definition Testing Monitor with HDMI Input category. Their candidate which championed the cause? The AT-DIS7-HD. This portable display is smart enough to recognize any HDMI or DVI source at resolutions of up to 1080P or 1920×1200, which will in turn enable integrators and installers to observe both […]

Asus VG236H full HD monitor does stereo 3D support as well
Asus knows that stereoscopic 3D is the way of the future, and has hence rolled out the Asus VG236H full HD monitor, offering 23″ of 1080p goodness while featuring NVIDIA 3D Vision and Trace Free II technologies. With a 2ms (gray-to-gray) response time and a double-speed 120Hz refresh rate, you can be sure that your 3D visuals even in Full HD will be delivered without missing a beat. An integrated […]

HP 2010i, 2210m, 2310m and 2710m monitors unleashed
Looking for a new monitor? Don’t worry, HP hopes to have all the bases covered with a quartet of new models which come in the form of the 20″ 2010i (seen above), 21.5″ 2210m, 23″ 2310m and 27″ 2710m. The smallest among them has a resolution of 1,600 x 900 with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, 250 nits of brightness, VGA, HDCP-compliant DVI-D and audio input connectivity. As […]

Dell U2211H and U2311H LCD monitors offer color accuracy
Dell has sneaked in 21.5″ U2211H and 23″ U2311H LCD monitors that will bring color accuracy to the mainstream market, where both of them offer pretty staple specifications by today’s standard including support for full HD resolution (1080p) as well as higher-quality IPS (in-plane switching) panels. You can hook either one up to digital sources (sorry, analogue is not supported here), via DisplayPort or DVI. Achieving a 1,000:1 static contrast […]

ViewSonic VX2379wm LCD monitor offers unprecedented 1ms response time
ViewSonic certainly aims to make a splash if you’re currently shopping for a brand new LCD monitor, where their VX2379wm LCD monitor comes with an 1ms response time that is the first for its kind in the whole world. Boasting a 27″ 1080p panel, you’ll be spoiled regardless of whether you use it primarily for work or entertainment. Other features include a 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, SRS Premium Sound, an […]

ViewSonic VX2739wm full HD LCD monitor
ViewSonic aims to heat up the scene with the new VX2739wm full HD LCD monitor that sports a 27″ design that boasts a 1ms response time which ViewSonic is extremely proud of, claiming it to be the world’s first for a device in its category. At that speed, you can rest easy knowing that most of the games you play will be able to avoid the issue of ghosting, helping […]

NEC MultiSync PA271W LCD monitor targets professionals
Professionals who need an LCD monitor that ensures colors are properly displayed will find the NEC MultiSync PA271W to be more than a decent solution, where this 10-bit p-IPS panel comes with a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution on a viewable real estate of 27″. Apart from that, you will also be able to benefit from a wide color gamut, where it shows off 1.07 billion colors from a palette of […]

TVLogic ushers in the future with LUM-560W LCD monitor
There are times where a piece of hardware certainly seems far away from its time, and the TVLogic LUM-560W LCD monitor is surely a good example. This 56″ Quad HD 4K LCD monitor is based on a 10-bit 1.07 million color LCD panel, sporting a whopping 4K (3,840 x 2,160) quad-HD resolution. To make sure you can achieve proper color alignment, it comes with the TVLogic Color Calibration Utility. Input […]

Philips 240B1CS full HD monitor
Philips has rolled out their 240B1CS full HD monitor which will target the office crowd, where it comes with a 24″ widescreen display at 1,920 x 1,200 full HD resolution, which means you can also enjoy full HD movies on it after all those boring board meetings are done and over with for the day. Additional features include a 25,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms response time, 300 cd/m2 brightness and […]

Dell U2711 ready to rock and roll
Dell’s latest U2711 is a monitor that ought to whet your appetite – as long as you can fork out $1,100 for it. After all, one of these puppies will offer 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, a 100%representation of the sRGB color space, a 6ms response time and a window-friendly matte finish. It is also widely believed that this Dell monitor uses the LG basic LM270WQ1 IPS panel as found on […]

Asus MS238H LED backlit LCD monitor
Asus has rolled out its latest MS238H LED backlit LCD monitor that will hit the European market which is surprisingly pleasant on the eyes, although many all-in-one machines do sport a similar form factor as well these days. You get 23″ of viewing real estate with this, alongside a full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080), a 250cd/m2 brightness level, a speedy 2ms response time as well as a mouth-watering 10,000,000:1 […]

BenQ G610HD LED monitor
BenQ’s G610HD series of LED monitors has received yet another two members – this time round we’re talking about the G610HDAL and G610HDPL. Both of them will feature a 15.6″ LED panel that has a movie-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio, but we can safely say that its crowning glory would be a dynamic contrast ratio that touches 5,000,000:1. Apart from that, the BenQ G610HD LED monitor also loves the environment with […]

NEC AS171 LCD monitor
NEC takes the high moral ground by revealing the AS171 LCD monitor in a size that used to wow people more than a decade ago at 17″, but by today’s standards, it just won’t do if you happen to spend plenty of time in front of a desktop. Still, the NEC AS171 comes with a native 1,280 x 1,024 resolution, VGA and DVI connectivity, 900:1 contrast ratio, a 5ms response […]

Samsung releases two SyncMaster monitors
Samsung has released two more SyncMaster monitors that boast high contrast ratios to grace your desktop. Both monitors are 23″ in size, targeting professionals who want a wide viewing angle to go along with it. Available in 70 Series and 80 Series, the F2370H and F2380MX comes with a static contrast ratio of 3,000:1 with dynamic contrast ratio alongside support of up to 150,000:1. Apart from that, these monitors come […]

Acer H243HXB 24-inch monitor
Acer has rolled out its 24″ H243HXB LCD monitor that will lean towards SOHO professionals and media users who want a high-end large screen display without any compromise. In this case, you will get full HD resolution support alongside 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness, 2ms response time, 2x 1W speakers, an integrated webcam and HDMI connectivity, all for the harmonizing number of $444.