Field Monitor Pro is a compact wonder

There are two sides to a coin in everything, and the same applies to life. Having a really huge desktop replacement notebook is one thing when it comes to processing muscle and graphical firepower, but the size of such a monster won’t really make your shoulders smile at the end of a long day. What about toting around a netbook that is decent enough to get whatever mobile computing job you need done while carrying this 15.4-inch Field Monitor Pro? This foldable mobile monitor isn’t the first USB monitor in the market, but it certainly is one of the largest. What makes it a darling is the Displaylink-powered USB monitor can be set up to resemble a second notebook or netbook monitor, enabling both monitors to be at the same eye level. In addition, it sports an integrated numeric pad that will definitely carve a smile on the faces of accountants. Tipping the scales at 4 pounds, it can also fold flat to keep road warriors happy with their purchase. There is no word on pricing, and it looks set to be released sometime next year. Anyone wants to garner a guess on how much this will lighten your wallets?


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