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Samsung to mass produce 3D TV panels
After the dust at CES 2010 has settled, Samsung just announced that they will be mass producing 3D TV panels, catering for both LED and LCD TVs. These high definition panels will come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40″ to 46″ and 55″ while supporting True 240Hz technology and 3D Active Glasses. The former’s technology enables the rendering of fast moving 2D images effectively. while making 3D content […]

Hitachi Wooo L26-HP05 and L22-HP05 LCD TVs
Hitachi’s latest LCD TVs from the Wooo range would be the L26-HP05 and L22-HP05, where they will be out this coming March 3rd in Japan while retailing for €845 and €995, respectively. Both models will feature a 250GB hard drive that lets you record TV programs which you will miss during the course of a day, while other specifications include a couple of BS/110°CS digital TV tuners, 1,366 x 768 […]

Sony Bravia EX700 series unveiled
Sony of Japan just rolled out its latest Bravia EX700 series of Full HD LCD TVs with LED backlight, where it will come in 52″, 46″, 40″ and 32″ screen sizes while featuring MotionFlow 120Hz technology. Inside, the Bravia Engine 3 helps net you the sharpest image possible, alongside other improvements like an advanced contrast enhancer, 24p True Cinema, Bravia Link and a human sensor which will turn the TV […]

Computerized Whirlpool Tub With LCD TV
When you’re back from a hard day at work, you’ll probably want to kick back and relax in the tub, but why not relax in style? If you’re willing to fork out $2999 for this bathtub, you’ll get a brand-new multifunction computerized whirlpool tub, not to mention an LCD TV to go with it. It sports 5 adjustable body massage jets, 14 whirlpool bubble bath jets, 6 small water jets, […]


Hannspree Polar Bear and Apple HDTVs
Known for its radical television designs, Hannspree was showing two slightly larger (19” for the Polar Bear) models at CES Unveiled. It’s hard to miss the Polar bear HDTV, and you can be sure that the “apple” one would fit in an exotic room. Let’s be clear, the design the the value here. Even if both are 1080p capable, that’s hardly a technological attraction, but in this case, the eye […]

Skype Now Sports HD Video Calls
It seems like televisions aren’t the only things going high-def in 2010, as Skype 4.2 beta will also support HD video calls, as long as users have a HD webcam and enough bandwidth. The software was actually available back in early December 2009, but Skype was rather mum on the HD feature, probably preferring to keep the big announcement for CES 2010. Skype promises that the software is capable of […]

Philips releases new LED Pro HDTVs
Philips has unveiled 2 rather interesting new models in its LED HDTV line up, namely the 40PFL9704 and the 46PFL9704. These TVs boast “LED Pro” which is Philips’ next generation LED backlight technology. Aside from that, you’ll find better contrast ratio, 200Hz refresh rate and it’s claimed to be 50 percent more power efficient than your standard LCD TV. There are also a whooping 5 HDMI ports on this TV, […]

SunBriteTV loves the outdoors
If you happen to have a verandah and love watching your favorite shows outdoors, the SunBriteTV might be just your cup of tea. It is as tough as you (after all, you don’t mind sharing your blood with those nasty mosquitoes out there when dusk falls), being weather-resistant, water-resistant, dirt-resistant(!) and insect-resistant. It maintains the quality of its innards thanks to a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum chassis, where it is accompanied […]

LG borderless TV
This is clearly not “borderless” :)LG took the opportunity to release its borderless TVs at IFA Berlin 2009, but these have already made their way Stateside earlier this July – guess Europe is playing catch up in this area. The borderless isn’t true to its meaning, although it does signify an HDTV that does not have any noticeable bezel. This is made possible thanks to an injection compressed molding and […]

Sony Bravias get triple tuners
Sony’s latest trio of BRAVIA HDTVs that hit Europe are the V5800, W5800 and Z5800, where they all come with three tuners for receiving satellite (DVB-S2), over-the-air terrestrial (DVB-T) and cable (DVB-C) channels in standard definition or High Definition, helping clear up some clutter in your living room by doing away with the need for individual set-top boxes. These LCDs will output at 1080p while the CI+ port makes room […]

Sharp LED Backlit TV
Sharp’s latest range of Aquos LCD HDTVs will come with LED-backlighting, and you can choose from a quartet of screen sizes including the 52″ (LC-52LE700UN), 46″ (LC-46LE700UN), 40″ (LC-40E700UN) and 32″ (LC-32LE700UN) models. All of them will boast full HD resolution, although that would be a waste of capability on the 32″ model since your eyes will find it hard to tell the difference at that size. Other features include […]

LG Wireless LCD HDTVs
LG has released a couple more wireless LCD HDTVs that are known by the monikers 55LH95 and 55LH93. Both models will boast the company’s latest ultrathin LED-backlit sets, measuring a mere 2.48cm thin while cramming in a grand total of 3,360 LEDs that is typically more than six times that of most edge-lit LED TVs. Other features include a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 240Hz refresh rate and a wireless […]

Panasonic Viera R Series
Panasonic of Japan has just released the new Viera R series of LCD TVs that ought to fit just about any budget, since it will come in seven different sizes, ranging from 17″ to 50″, with 20″, 32″ and 37″ models sandwiched in between. All of them save for the 50″ model will come with 1,366 x 768 resolution and a 250GB hard drive. Folks who want full HD resolution […]

JVC Xiview LT-42WX70
JVC has come up with a new LCD TV monitor known as the Xiview LT-42WX70, a 42″ 120Hz 1080p model which is aimed squarely at digital imaging professionals and enthusiasts who dabble with high-end digital SLR cameras. What makes this so special is the ability to view the subtle colors, details and textures of their images faithfully reproduced. In fact, it is able to display expanded color space capacity encompassing […]

Sony Bravia Postcard Service
Sony has a spanking new Bravia Postcard service that is pretty much self explanatory – it allows users to send virtual message cards from compatible handsets to Internet connected Bravia TV sets. Sounds more like a novelty than anything else for non-emailing older people to get even more bang for their buck with a spanking new Bravia TV. This Postcard service doesn’t cost a penny, and helps keep recipients at […]

Hitachi Unveils New LCD HDTV Lines
Hitachi is back with a bang, offering new LCD HDTV product lines comprised of the UltraVision and Alpha series. The former will feature top of the line picture quality, the latest 1080p technology, support for up to 8 High Definition inputs, where five HDMI pure digital inputs help make up that number. In addition, it features a slim and light design that is a snap to swivel to accommodate just […]

Sharp is back with another first – the AQUOS DX LCD TV that comes with a built-in Blu-ray and DVD recorder so that you won’t have to miss whatever TV moments that are on air at that point in time. Couple that with HD signals and you’ve got a winner here, although it will take a while for you to recover from the shock of hearing that a 20″ LCD […]

CLAiR Pink Ribbon LCD TV
Now here’s a rather weird looking LCD TV – the 13.3″ CLAiR Pink Ribbon which would fit in best in your daughter’s room. After all, you won’t go too far by watching full High Definition movies on this due to the restrictive screen size, but that hasn’t stopped the manufacturer from including the following :- HDMI connectivity 600:1 contrast ratio 300cd/m2 brightness 1,280 x 800 resolution Folks living in Japan […]

Loewe Art SL HDTV Unveiled
The Loewe Art SL HDTV has just been released, and this is touted to be the greenest HDTV from the company to date. In fact, it does so without compromising on tis design, where this 1080p LCD display comes with an Eco Mode that allows you to control just how much power it sucks, alongside automatic light dimming that uses up to 20% less than at full blast when the […]

Louis Vuitton Vacation Trunk
This one-of-a-kind creation that was commissioned to Louis Vuitton by some nouveau rich Chinese dude is the complete vacation package – not only does it come coated in Taiga leather, LV’s standard brass fittings and red interior finish, you also get a couple of solar panels within to power a flatscreen TV, a DVD player (what, no Blu-ray?), a two-way radio and a coffee maker. Guess we won’t mind getting […]