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Foxconn Announces 70” 4k2k LCD TV
So you think that your spanking new HDTV that is sitting in your living room is the bee’s knees, and the rest of the neighborhood should kow-tow to you? Well, there is a new champion in town, thanks to the folks over at Foxconn with the 70” 4k2k LCD TV which was recently paraded over at Display Taiwan 2013, which happens to be a trade show of display technologies. These […]

Toshiba Regza 4K 2D display to be released in December 2011
Toshiba’s flagship Regza 4K 2D display will boast four times the resolution of Full HD, where it will also support glasses-free 3D. Basically, when this particular model arrives in the market in the middle of December onwards (in Japan first, no less), it might just be the start of the 4K TV revolution. Of course, it will take a whole lot longer than expected, considering how everyone has just moved […]

LCD TV sports super brightness levels with laser backlight
[CEATEC 2011] Just when you thought that your TV was the best in the ‘hood, along comes this particular model on display at CEATEC this year in Japan, sporting a laser backlight that delivers unparalleled brightness levels. It might seem as though the relative darkness around the LCD TV as you can see above is there to prove just how bright it is – what we’d like to actually capture […]

Sharp takes no prisoners with Quattron LE 925 series LCD TV
Sharp has no qualms about taking the plunge into the world of stereoscopic 3D, and they have done so boldly with the Quattron LE 925 series LCD TV. This 3D capable TV will adopt a similar quad-pixel technology that currently sees action in its high-end 2D sets, delivering more accurate color simply because of a dedicated yellow pixel. According to Sharp, their latest LCD technology makes it more than suitable […]


Vizio 7-inch Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV
Vizio has just released its 7-inch Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV that will appeal to those who want to get their TV fix wherever you are. You won’t be able to get full HD resolution though, since the widescreen display supports only 800 x 480 resolution, while integrating an antenna into a design that measures less than an inch thick (for greater portability, obviously). The Edge Lit Razor […]

Ad Notam delivers mirror TV that does stereoscopic 3D as well
Ad Notam, a German mirror TV pioneer, has decided to jump aboard the stereoscopic 3D bandwagon with their latest release, where it will deliver the ultimate cinematic 3D experience right in the comfort of your own living room. Both 3D and Full HD LCD experience have been merged into a customized mirror and glass solution, letting it fit nicely into your home decor which makes your place tastefully furnished. This […]

Refrigerator 2 holds integrated LCD TV to entertain homemakers
If you’re a homemaker, hats off to you for being able to juggle so many commitments simultaneously while keeping a pleasant disposition throughout the entire day. For those who spend plenty of time in the kitchen, you might want to have some TV shows to keep you company, and if there isn’t enough space left to fit one of those new flat panel displays, fret not. The Refrigerator 2 from […]

Mediano piano offers new lease of life to your regular piano
There is nothing quite like the sound of a piano being played live while you’re having your meal – it is soothing, adding a whole new atmosphere to the situation. Well, for those who think that they want to spruce up their home with a piano, they might want to consider the Mediano which not only offers a regular piano, it also boasts an integrated LCD TV to keep you […]

Luxurite offers Glass TV, making it the biggest in the outdoor market
Contrary to popular belief, size does matter when it comes to TVs, and Luxurite intends to stay at the high end segment by offering its 82″ Glass TV from the Giant series. This is a two-way mirror with an LCD display behind it. Whenever you activate the LCD, you will be able to see the display, although turning it off will let it function as a mirror. As a TV, […]

Hitachi LED-LCD TV series come with integrated surround sound experience
Hitachi’s latest LED-LCD TV series will definitely rock your living room simply because they will ship with integrated surround sound experience, thanks to a partnership with SRS Labs, introducing the SRS TruSurround XT feature in the LE32A04A, LE42X04A, LE47X04A, and LE55X04A models. With SRS TruSurround XT, viewers will be able to envelop themselves in a surround sound experience like never before without purchasing additional speakers, enjoying clear dialog and rich […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 8 LCD TV
If it weren’t about the price, most folks out there would want a few Bang & Olufsen products in their home. Now the company has just announced its BeoVision 8, which is a smaller version of its BeoVision 10 LCD, and less expensive. This 40-inch display touts 240Hz motion processing, something that the folks over at B&O claim to be nearly double that of the conventional LCDs. Being a B&O product, […]

Auvio introduces LCD TV with iPod dock
Auvio has rolled out an LCD TV that surprise surprise, comes with an iPod dock to keep up with the times. This unique 19” LCD TV comes with a great sticker price of just $179.99, where it will sport 720p playback ability alongside 1,366 × 768 resolution, not to mention integrated ATSC/NTSC tuners and a 20-watt built-in sound system to go along with it. As with all other iPod docks […]

RTC23 officially licensed Marvel Comic LCD and LED HDTVs
Roundtable Concepts Inc. will be rolling out the RTC23, which comprises of a range of officially licensed Marvel Comic LCD and LED HDTVs. You will be able to choose from a range of Marvel universe characters including Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Wolverine and Thor among others. You will find your favorite Marvel Super Hero embellished on the bottom two corners of the frame, where you can choose from […]

Samsung TVs get InstaPort technology
Fancy purchasing a TV pretty soon, but do not know where to start? Perhaps you might consider a Samsung LED or LCD TV after reading this post – after all, selected models from either line from Samsung will be incorporated with InstaPort technology from Silicon Image, where it will change HDMI input within one second – basically, this removes the time of waiting for the input to look for a […]

Toshiba Regza LED LCD TVs handle LAN recording
Toshiba’s latest line of Regza LED LCD TVs that were announced for the Japan market today has the interesting Z1 series which should turn plenty of heads. After all, it comes in a range of 37″ to 55″ edge-lit LEDs, accompanied by USB as well as LAN recording functionality. Yes, you read that right – these new Regza LED LCD TVs are able to record over a network bringing something […]

Atdec Telehook TH-400-LED Lets Your TV Hang Like A Picture Frame
If you’re the type of person who is unhappy with today’s methods of mounting your LCD TV on the wall, you might want to check out the Atdec Telehook TH-400-LED, which allows you to hang your LCD TV on the wall just like how you’d hang your normal picture frame. This product which is going for AUD$149 ($136) can support any display up to 50kg in weight with a 400mm-wide […]

Sony BRAVIA BX LCD TV rolls out
Sony of Japan has just released their first LCD TV with an integrated hard drive, known as the BRAVIA BX. Coming in piano black, the monolithic design-inspired BRAVIA BX series of LCD TVs is otherwise known as the BX300 for folks living Stateside, where it will come in 22? and 32? models. As for those who stay in Japan, they will benefit from 22?, 26? and 32? sizes, alongside a […]

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition
If you love all things luxurious in your home, then you might want to consider the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition, a creation of Stuart Hughes who seems to have an eye for the most expensive consumer electronics devices at home. The PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition is no joke when you think about its price – it is going for £1.5 million for a 55″ display, where the outer chassis is […]

Mitsumi Chip To Enhance Images On Inexpensive TVs
Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd. has come up with a rather interesting IC chip, which claims to be able to adjust the image quality of a LCD TV. The MRFX-0001, as it’s labeled, can be attached to the image processor, allowing it to adjust the color, white balance and sharpness of an image on the fly. Japanese manufacturers already develop these image quality adjustment functions on their high-end LCD TVs, so […]

Sony Plans To End OLED TV Sales In Japan
You might still be drooling over Sony’s 11-inch OLED digital TV (Bravia XEL-1), but it seems that the folks over in Japan are already over it. Sony has confirmed that it stopped production of OLED TVs in Japan, and sales of OLED TVs will end when the existing inventory runs out. Fortunately for us, Sony plans to continue production for North America, Europe and other overseas markets. The fact that […]