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Leap Motion Looks To Orion Debut Soon
Leap Motion figured out that the future will see virtual as well as augmented reality software and hardware take centre stage – and hence, they do not intend to miss out on this particular bandwagon. Called Orion, their latest program intends to improve natural hand and finger input when it comes to simulated scenarios. This software will still be in the beta format, and is already available for developers today […]

Leap Motion Coming To Razer's OSVR Headset
The beauty of a VR experience is that it makes you feel as if you’re a part of that experience. It’s almost natural to want to reach out and manipulate objects with your hands when you have a VR headset strapped to your face. This is where Leap Motion sees potential and is making it happen. The company announced today that an optional faceplate will soon be released for Razer’s […]

HP Leap Motion Keyboard Launches For $99
Leap Motion emerged on the scene in 2012 with its motion sensor called the Leap. It claimed that the sensor was 200 times more accurate than existing technology at that time. The sensor is roughly about the size of a pack of gum and connects to a computer through USB, being able to track all ten fingers of a user to within 1/100 of a millimeter. If having that sensor on […]

Leap Motion Expands Into Japan Market Via Exclusive SoftBank Partnership
There comes a time in the life of a company to work with other partners from far away, as it makes perfect sense in this day and age considering how the world is a global village now. Leap Motion has decided to take the plunge in the Japanese market, and in order to do so without floundering around, they have managed to enlist the exclusive help of SoftBank in a […]


Leap Motion Gesture Control Could Debut On Smartphones And Tablets Late Next Year
Back in March, Leap Motion released a controller for conventional computers. The controllers are able to detect up to ten fingers and allow users to use gestures to control the computers. Since the initial launch, Leap Motion has gained a lot of popularity, it has even been shipping built-in to HP computers. The next frontier for this gesture control technology is smartphones and tablets, and that’s exactly what the company […]

HP ENVY17 with Leap Motion: Hands-On
HP is the first computer maker to integrate the Leap Motion sensing technology in a laptop. Previously, it was available as an external USB device. The integrated version of Leap Motion is much sleeker and offers a more reliable and consistent interaction, due to the fixed position of the sensor in relation to the screen. At first, it may seem weird that the sensor is off-centered on the right, but […]

Leap Motion 3D Motion Control Technology Launched Alongside Airspace
At long last, folks around the world are able to check out Leap Motion for themselves, where this happens to be a crown jewel release by the motion-control software and hardware company, where they intend to change the way human-computer interaction works out. The software has been launched today, letting folks control their computer using nothing but natural hand and finger movements. Apart from that, they also opened up Airspace, […]

Leap Motion Gesture Controller Windows 8 Preview Ahead Of Beta
Leap Motion, the device built to bring touch-like gesture controls -without a touch screen- will enter into its beta phase soon. Before that, the company has posted a video to show what its vision for Leap Motion on Windows 8: watch the video above. The demonstration shows “real-world” use cases, including web browsing, zooming in and out test, navigating apps, movies and photos.

Leap Motion And Google Earth Are Now In Cahoots
Recently, we were talking about how Leap Motion and HP worked together in order to integrate Leap Motion’s technology in its upcoming devices. Doing their bit to honor Earth Day, both Google and Leap Motion have just announced (and it is not even April Fool’s!) that there is an update to Google Earth available today, where this update would be able to detect input from the Leap Motion Controller. Basically, […]

Leap Motion Working With HP To Integrate Its Technology In Upcoming Products
It looks as though Leap Motion is expanding beyond its partnership with Asus as HP is announcing it will not only be bundling the Leap Motion controller, but also integrating its motion control experience into a number of HP’s upcoming products.The partnership between Leap Motion and HP will start by bundling the Leap Motion controller with select HP personal computers this summer, with a natural progression to HP devices being […]

Leap Motion Has Big Plans For Gesture-Based Computer Interaction
For those who have attended South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) at Texas, if you happened to chance upon the Leap Motion team, you would have more or less been given the opportunity to give the upcoming gesture-based controller a go. Those who have tried it have definitely walked away with nothing but bouquets, after all, it was a chance to experience the technology for themselves and use it with existing […]

Leap Motion Controller Ships Globally This May 13th
Leap Motion has just dropped an announcement that they will begin to ship their Leap Motion Controller around the globe, honoring their pre-order customers this coming May 13th, where they will follow up on that particular effort with an exclusive retail launch in the US six days after that, which would make it May 19th, over at Best Buy stores in that part of the world. The Leap Motion Controller […]

Leap Motion: The Mouseless Mouse
Yes, we know that Leap Motion has signed an exclusive deal with Best Buy so that you can pick up the Leap Motion online as well as in brick-and-mortar stores sometime later this spring, but just what exactly does the Leap Motion do or work? For starters, the Leap Motion is a 3” x 1” device that was specially developed for folks to use their hand to control the computer […]

Leap Motion Signs Exclusive Deal With Best Buy
After teaming up with Asus earlier this month, Leap Motion is announcing today that it has signed an exclusive deal with Best Buy to bring its revolutionary new device to all Best Buy stores in the U.S. and online starting this spring. “The Leap,” as it is called, will be available for pre-order online at beginning in February. Meanwhile, Leap Motion will continue taking pre-orders directly at

Asus Teams Up With Leap Motion
Eager to start the year with a big bang, Leap Motion announced today that it has partnered with Asus to integrate its advanced motion-sensing technology into the Taiwanese giant’s computers. Via press release, the startup company said that Asus will bundle its very own revolutionary Leap Motion controller with select new computers, particularly new high-end notebooks and premium All-in-One (AiO) PCs this year.