Leap Motion emerged on the scene in 2012 with its motion sensor called the Leap. It claimed that the sensor was 200 times more accurate than existing technology at that time. The sensor is roughly about the size of a pack of gum and connects to a computer through USB, being able to track all ten fingers of a user to within 1/100 of a millimeter. If having that sensor on your desk irks you why not opt for the HP Leap Motion keyboard. It has the sensor built right into it.

The company, Leap Motion, unveiled the keyboard at Computex 2014. It tells Engadget that the keyboard goes on sale this month for $99 and will be compatible with any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC provided that the required software is installed on the computer.

This isn’t HP’s first collaboration with Leap Motion. It launched a special edition HP Envy 17 laptop that has the sensor built-in. But seeing as how it carried a starting price of over $1,000 not many customers would have picked it up just for this purpose. Previously this keyboard was only available with select HP desktops, now anyone can buy them, thus Leap Motion has yet another way of putting its sensor out there.

Interestingly enough the HP Leap Motion keyboard is $25 more expensive than the actual sensor. A standalone Leap Motion sensor is sold for $75 so if you already have a good keyboard it might be best to simply get that, instead of dishing out $25 more for a keyboard as well.

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