Back in March, Leap Motion released a controller for conventional computers. The controllers are able to detect up to ten fingers and allow users to use gestures to control the computers. Since the initial launch, Leap Motion has gained a lot of popularity, it has even been shipping built-in to HP computers. The next frontier for this gesture control technology is smartphones and tablets, and that’s exactly what the company wants to achieve by the third quarter of 2014.

CEO Michael Buckwald revealed to TNW at a briefing in London that they have been able to overcome the hardware and technical challenges required to solve so that the technology can be incorporated in devices with smaller form factors, such as smartphones and tablets. While there’s no concrete roadmap for the products that are likely to come with Leap Motion technology, Buckwald says that the company expects tablets and phones in the market by Q3 or Q4, 2014. He sees Leap Motion in TVs, head mounted displays and “even things like cars” in the future. It remains to be seen which manufacturers and OEMs team up with the company to integrate its smart 3D gesture control technology in their mobile devices, hopefully we’ll hear more about potential partners in the next few months.

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