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Lenovo Z5 Doesn't Quite Live Up To The Hype
Lenovo has been hyping up a device for the past couple of years which the teasers suggested would be an “all-screen” smartphone with a screen-to-body-ratio of over 95 percent. That would have meant that the device would be bezel-less in the true sense of the word without having a notch. The handset was also believed to feature up to 4TB of internal storage. Lenovo has officially launched the Z5 today […]

Lenovo Z5 Standby Time Will Be 45 Days
Lenovo has been teasing a new smartphone recently which might be quite different from the options available on the market today. The company has teased that it might have a screen-to-body ratio of over 95 percent, meaning that it’s going to be an all-screen smartphone with no notch. Lenovo has now said that the Lenovo Z5 standby time on a full charge will be 45 days.

Lenovo Z5 'Full-Screen' Smartphone May Feature Dual-Camera
Lenovo has recently been teasing a new device which it claims is going to be all-screen, meaning that it will have a screen-to-body ratio of more than 95 percent. The front of the device will be all display without a notch so it would certainly set this handset apart from the competition. Lenovo has gradually been revealing information about this handset and the camera samples that it has now posted […]

Lenovo's Upcoming All-Screen Smartphone Might Have 4TB Storage
If recent teasers from Lenovo are any indication, the company has a new device up its sleeve that’s going to be a class apart from the rest. It has been teasing an all-screen smartphone which would have a screen-to-body ratio not seen before in the market. It will be all-screen at the front with no notch. A fresh teaser from Lenovo suggests that this handset might even have a whopping […]