If recent teasers from Lenovo are any indication, the company has a new device up its sleeve that’s going to be a class apart from the rest. It has been teasing an all-screen smartphone which would have a screen-to-body ratio not seen before in the market. It will be all-screen at the front with no notch. A fresh teaser from Lenovo suggests that this handset might even have a whopping 4TB of internal storage.

It’s not common for smartphones to have 1TB or more of internal storage these days. 256GB is often the maximum that you can get with a flagship smartphone however, some manufacturers have reached the TB mark, with one Chinese OEM shipping a device with 1TB UFS 2.1 storage.

Lenovo’s President Chang Cheng previously teased the all-screen nature of this handset and he has now hinted in a new post on Weibo that the device that he refers to as the Lenovo Z5 might have 4TB of storage. He previously said that the Z5 will introduce four technological breakthroughs and will feature 18 patented technologies. If that’s accurate, this device might be quite ahead of the existing pack in terms of form and function.

Cheng’s latest teaser mentions what one can do with 4TB of storage. It can be used to store one million photos, 12,000 HD movies, and 15,000 lossless music files, the teaser mentions. Whether it’s just an observation made in passing or a subtle hint to the massive internal storage of Lenovo’s upcoming device, many will certainly be interested in finding out if Lenovo will push it this far with the Z5. The company is expected to launch the Z5 on June 14th in China.

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