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Additional Red Nexus 5 Photos Surface
Earlier we had reported that the Nexus 5 could starting getting new color options in the future, and thanks to a leaked photo, a red Nexus 5 was caught in the wild. Well for those of you who are still a bit skeptical on whether a red Nexus 5 is a possibility, new photos have made their way online in which we can see boxes of red Nexus 5 handsets […]

Red Nexus 5 Picture Leaks, Apparently Releasing Next Month
Google’s popular Nexus 5 smartphone is only offered in two colors right now, black and white. Its predecessor, the Nexus 4, was originally offered only in black but late last year, the company also launched a white Nexus 4 in limited quantity. Google hasn’t said anything about offering more Nexus 5 color options, but recently a few screenshots surfaced online of a purported Google Play Nexus 5 page which listed […]

New Nexus 5 Colors Might Be Offered Soon
The Nexus smartphones haven’t always offered a lot of color choices. With the Nexus 4, initially only the black color option was offered, later Google did release a white Nexus 4 though the quantity was quite limited. Its the same case with the Nexus 5, which is only available in black and white colors. Leaked screenshots of a revamped Google Play page for Nexus 5 hint at the possibility that […]

Developer Makes Galaxy Gear Work With Nexus 5
Samsung released its highly anticipated smartwatch last year. The Galaxy Gear was unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 3, at first the phablet was the only Samsung device compatible with the smartwatch. Over time, Samsung has added support to a plethora of its existing devices, though the fact remains that Galaxy Gear can only function with Samsung devices, at least officially though. A developer has found a way to make Galaxy […]


Nexus 5 Reportedly To Blame For LG G2's Poor Sales
The LG G2 is LG’s flagship smartphone of 2013 and while the handset is pretty decently specced, with a great display and awesome camera, it seems that it isn’t quite getting the love it should, at least according to reports. If the reports are to be believed, it seems that LG has only managed to sell 2 million LG G2 units to date, which is only a fraction of what […]

CyanogenMod Case For Nexus 5 Launched
The folks over at CyanogenMod do a whole lot more than just rolling out custom operating system ROM versions for the masses, as well as working on a new smartphone that they can call their own. No sir, it seems that something apart from them has hit the market, and we are talking about the CyanogenMod case for the Nexus 5. This particular case was specially built in conjunction with […]

Nexus 5 Hardware Subtly Revised
The Nexus 5, developed by Google in collaboration with LG, was one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of 2013. Given its particularly attractive off contract price point and impressive specifications, the device was very well received. While there exist no major issues with the batch of Nexus 5 units already shipped to hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe, it appears that subtle hardware revisions have been made which […]

Android 4.4.1 Release Will Fix Nexus 5 Camera Issues
We reported recently that Google might be releasing Android 4.4.1 KitKat soon, and it appears that the update is going to be rolled out over the next few days. This was confirmed today by David Burke, director of engineering for Android at Google to The Verge. He says that the update is going to bring a number of changes for the camera on Nexus 5, while the camera on Google’s latest […]

Google Releases Trio Of Nexus 5 Ads
It wasn’t too long ago that Google announced the Nexus 5 and while for the most part the handset appeared to share similar hardware to the LG G2, one of the things that unfortunately did not bring over was the LG G2’s camera, which based on our reviews proved to be surprisingly good. That’s not to say that the Nexus 5’s camera is bad, it’s just not what some would […]

16GB Nexus 5 Now Back In Stock On Google Play
Just last week we reported that the 16GB Nexus 5 handset had officially gone out of stock at the Google Play store. Instead of stating a time when the handset would be made available, Google simply asked customers to check back soon. Well the good news is that it looks like stock for the 16GB Nexus 5 has quietly made its way back into the Google Play store and is […]

LG Reportedly Wanted Nexus 5 To Be Called Nexus G
For the past few years, Google hasn’t highlighted manufacturers of its Nexus devices in their monikers. Take the Nexus S for example which came out in 2010, it was manufactured by Samsung and the “S” was an obvious reference to the manufacturer’s Galaxy S line. Now, even in the Play Store, device monikers don’t hint at their makers, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and the Nexus 5 are fine […]

Nexus 5 Now On Sale Officially On T-Mobile
When it comes to T-Mobile’s flirtation with the Nexus 5 from Google, it has been quite a journey. Earlier in the week, we brought you word that the Nexus 5 will launch on T-Mobile this November 14th, where pre-orders for the smartphone went live a day after that report was published. Here we are now with November 14th displayed on our respective calendars, and we are pleased as punch to […]

Nexus 5 Owner Finds Key Lime Pie Preinstalled On His Phone [Updated]
The Nexus 5 was released not too long ago and as is the case with pretty much the vast majority of Nexus 5 owners, the device came with Android 4.4 KitKat preinstalled, unsurprising given that this is the latest version of Android available at the moment. However before KitKat was announced, many speculated that the next Android build would be known as Key Lime Pie, and sure enough that was […]

Nexus 5 16GB Black Model Out Of Stock At Play Store
It hasn’t been long since Google released its latest flagship smartphone, the Nexus 5. The device has been very well received, early reviews have sung its praises and a lot of customers have rushed to pick up a Nexus 5. The Play Store no longer has the Nexus 5 16GB black model in stock now, the product page reads that there isn’t any inventory available and that customers should check […]

Nexus 5 Pre-Orders Now Live At T-Mobile's Website
Heads up T-Mobile customers! We know you guys are probably aware that the Google Nexus 5 will see a launch on the carrier come 14th of November which is in a few days’ time, but in case you were worried that the handset would sell out given its popularity thanks to its hardware specs and relative affordability, you’re in luck because T-Mobile has started to accept pre-orders for the handset […]

T-Mobile Launches Nexus 5 On November 14th
T-Mobile had already confirmed that it will be carrying Google’s latest smartphone, the Nexus 5, it just hadn’t provided a concrete launch date back then. But now it has. The carrier has announced that the Nexus 5 launches on November 14th on its website, whereas the smartphone will be launched in Magenta’s retail stores on November 20th. We had heard last week that the carrier is expected to launch Nexus […]

Sprint's Nexus 5 Will Also Be Available Via Best Buy On 8th November
So we know that Sprint will be offering the Google Nexus 5 come 8th of November where the phone will be priced at a rather affordable $149.99 with a new two-year contract. However what if you wanted to get your phone somewhere else? What if a third-party retailer’s outlet would be more convenient that heading to your local Sprint store? While Sprint did not mention the possibility of their Nexus […]

Nexus 5's Launcher Will Be Exclusive To The Nexus 5
Google’s recently launched Nexus 5 is a Nexus handset in the sense that it will come bundled with a stock Android 4.4 KitKat experience, complete with a UI that will be a stock UI that does away with the glitz and glamor that is typical of Android OEMs trying to make their mark. That being said, the UI of the Nexus 5 is pretty slick and clean, something we can […]

Google Nexus 5's Camera Compared Against The Nokia Lumia 1020
When it comes to smartphone cameras, safe to say the Nokia Lumia 1020 is currently dominating the rest of the competition, which is saying something as camera quality is a serious consideration when someone plans to buy a new smartphone. The question is, how does it stack against the recently released Google Nexus 5? While the Nexus 5’s camera was never really touted as one of its selling points, most […]

Nexus 5 Compared To Previously Released Nexus Phones [Video]
Google’s Nexus 5 is here, and boy, is it an impressive Android phone. But one thing we’re sure you have been wondering is just how fast the Nexus 5 is compared to the previously released versions, all the way back to the original Android handset released in 2010. Thanks to PhoneBuff, who lucky for us still keep around every Nexus device ever released, we can now see for ourselves not […]