keylimeThe Nexus 5 was released not too long ago and as is the case with pretty much the vast majority of Nexus 5 owners, the device came with Android 4.4 KitKat preinstalled, unsurprising given that this is the latest version of Android available at the moment. However before KitKat was announced, many speculated that the next Android build would be known as Key Lime Pie, and sure enough that was the version of Android that one lucky (or unlucky) Nexus 5 customer found on his phone.

According to the forum post, the device was supposed to be a brand new Nexus 5 that was still sealed in its box, but surprise, surprise, it turns out that the phone was running on Key Lime Pie, or at least that’s what the original poster claims, which is the unreleased version of Android before it was renamed to KitKat, giving us a look into what Android could have been if Google had decided to stick with this particular version. Unfortunately there was nothing particularly exciting and according to the person who posted the details, it seems that this version was really buggy and laggy, with most applications force closing itself.

At this point the forum poster is looking to either return the device to the seller, or find a way to flash Android 4.4 KitKat onto his device. What would you have done? Return it for a refund, or would you have kept it around and tinkered with it?

Update – It turns out that this build could be fake due to the kernel version being suspiciously different. Since we can’t verify this ourselves, just take it with a grain of salt for now!

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