Google’s popular Nexus 5 smartphone is only offered in two colors right now, black and white. Its predecessor, the Nexus 4, was originally offered only in black but late last year, the company also launched a white Nexus 4 in limited quantity. Google hasn’t said anything about offering more Nexus 5 color options, but recently a few screenshots surfaced online of a purported Google Play Nexus 5 page which listed as many as eight different color options. Now a picture of a red Nexus 5 has leaked online, originating from Vietnam. The source claims that Nexus 5 will also be offered in yellow.

One can still be very skeptical about this, considering that there’s a difference in the red color that we saw in the screenshots and what we see here in this leaked image. This shade of red appears to be more vibrant, whereas the one in the screenshot was a bit metallic, a bit dull. The source also claims that new color options will be announced either in late February, or in early March. If they are to be made official late next month, is it possible that Google might announce them around the time Mobile World Congress 2014 in underway in Barcelona? Its too soon to be sure right now, a grain of salt is definitely in order. [Image via Vietnamnet]

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