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LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition with LTE
LG announced its Android Wear-powered LG Watch Urbane last February, and the device was introduced to the US market later, at the end of April. Today, a day after Google Android hardware big event, LG unveiled the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition, an updated version of the previous model.Like its predecessor, the new stylish wearable device features a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, and gets a larger display 1.38-inch P-OLED Display with […]

23-Karat Gold LG Watch Urbane Luxe Announced
Earlier this year the LG Watch Urbane was announced. This was probably the classiest smartwatch we’ve seen from LG and probably from other smartwatch makers as well, but it looks like LG will be taking it to an even higher level. The company has officially announced the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, which is basically a 23-karat gold version of the original.This essentially confirms our earlier rumor that LG had a […]

23-Carat Gold Premium LG Watch Urbane Launch Rumored
Rumor has it that LG could soon launch a “premium” variant of the Watch Urbane decked out in 23-carat gold, if this smartwatch does arrive it will obviously come with a hefty price tag. It certainly won’t be the first smartwatch to tout real gold, Apple has already seen to it with the Apple Watch Edition, but will be interesting to see nonetheless is how customers will react to more choice […]

LG Watch Urbane Doesn't Connect To Wi-Fi Channels Above 11, Fix Inbound
This issue doesn’t affect LG Watch Urbane owners in the United States but people who used this smartwatch outside the country would have faced an issue that would have left them quite confused at first. The existing software build on the Watch Urbane only allows the smartwatch to connect to Wi-Fi network channels above 11. This isn’t a coincidence since these are only channels that are legally accessible to consumer devices […]


LG Watch Urbane’s Battery Can Be Easily Replaced
Nowadays a lot of our devices tend to have designs that don’t allow its battery to be easily replaced, as opposed to back in the day where one could just pop off the back cover and purchase a new battery. This is especially concerning if you’re talking about smartwatches where some users might not be pleased to find that after a year, its battery barely lasts them a day.The good […]

AT&T Announces Silver LG Watch Urbane Availability
The folks over at AT&T might have something that vampires and werewolves would shun picking up – the silver colored LG Watch Urbane, where it certainly exudes with class to say the least. The LG Watch Urbane is powered by Android Wear, which means it will play nice with just about any smartphone that runs on Android 4.3 or higher. This is the very first Android Wear smartwatch in the […]

LG Watch Urbane Now Available From Google Play
If you’re after a classy-looking smartwatch, there aren’t that many options around and the LG Watch Urbane is probably one of the newer ones. That being said last week we reported that the wearable would be released this month and given that we’re almost towards the end of April, it does seem like a good time for LG to release it, and release it they have!For those interested in picking […]

LG Watch Urbane Could Be Coming To Verizon 28th April
Last week we reported that LG had announced the availability of the LG Watch Urbane. The smartwatch was to be first launched in its home country of South Korea last week and is expected to make its way to other markets by the end of the month. The good news is that if you were wondering when the watch would make its way stateside, come 28th of April might be […]

LG Watch Urbane To Go On Sale Later This Month
Ahead of MWC 2015, LG announced their latest smartwatch – the LG Watch Urbane. The specs of the watch is similar to that of the LG G Watch R, with the main difference being its looks, but other than that the hardware is identical. That being said we’re sure many of you guys are wondering when you can get your hands on the device?The good news is that you won’t […]

LG Watch Urbane’s Price Revealed, Will Not Come Cheap
Apple has gotten a lot of flak over the price of their Apple Watch which costs $350 at its cheapest and $17,000 (yes, you read that right) at its most expensive. However it seems that if you wanted to get yourself a nice looking smartwatch, you should be prepared to pay. The pricing of the LG Watch Urbane was recently revealed in South Korea where it is priced at 650,000 […]

AT&T Will Carry The LG Watch Urbane
The smartwatch wars have heated up considerably since last year which started off with new models from Motorola, Samsung and LG. Since then many other companies have jumped into the fray with their own smartwatches while companies like Samsung and LG launched multiple models of their own. The LG Watch Urbane was recently announced and received much praise for its great design and now AT&T has confirmed that it will […]

LG Watch Urbane LTE Gets Official
We did talk about the LG Watch Urbane right after Valentine’s Day passed, and here we are with more official details of the wearable technology. The LG Watch Urbane LTE has just gotten official, and we do know that LG is all set to release it at Mobile World Congress that is happening next week in Barcelona, Spain.

LG Watch Urbane Product Video Emphasizes Its Luxury Status
Close to two weeks ago, LG took the wraps off their latest wearable in the form of the LG Watch Urbane which is admittedly a rather classy-looking device, and a recent video released by LG to promote the Watch Urbane certainly seems to highlight all of that. As you can see in the video above, LG has emphasized how luxurious the device is, and how one is able to customize […]

UK Retailer Begins Taking Pre-Orders For The LG Watch Urbane
Earlier this week, LG surprised us with the announcement of the LG Watch Urbane, the company’s latest attempt at creating smartwatches. The wearable is essentially the metal and more luxurious version of the LG G Watch R, but unfortunately in terms of pricing and availability, LG kept mum.However over in the UK, online retailer Expansys has opened up the pre-orders for both the gold and silver versions of the watch […]