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LG V10 Gets Android 6.0 Update In Korea & Turkey
Looking to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow for your LG V10? Last we heard back in January, it was indicated that T-Mobile has plans to update the handset, although when exactly will the update take place is anyone’s guess. However there is a good chance that the update could be rolled out soon.

LG V10 Fingerprint Security Vulnerability Discovered
Fingerprint security on smartphones these days are pretty common, which is why it wasn’t a surprise to see the LG V10 include that feature in their phone. However it seems that recently, it has been discovered that the LG V10 might have a security vulnerability for its fingerprint scanner, in which non-authorized users will be able to add their fingerprints to the list.

LG Pokes Fun At Samsung In Tweet
@SamsungMobile Go from zero to full instantly with a removable battery: #LGV10 — LG USA Mobile (@LGUSAMobile) January 27, 2016 It looks like there is always some bit of friendly sibling rivalry going on here (after all, LG and Samsung hail from the same country), which adds up to good fun for everyone. After all, having a sense of humor is always an important facet of life, and with […]

T-Mobile’s LG V10 Will Be Updated To Android 6.0
The LG V10 was launched last year and seemed to represent a new direction in terms of design and features that LG could be exploring. That being said, the handset was not launched with the latest version of Android which begs the question, will it be updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow at some point in time?


LG Sold Nearly Half A Million V10 Units In The U.S. 45 Days After Launch
The LG V10 is unlike any device that the company has released in recent years and it does appear to have made consumers interested in it. LG has revealed that its new phablet proved to be a hit among the younger generation in the United States, it was able to sell nearly half a million units of this handset in only the first 45 days after it was launched in […]

LG's Improved Nuclun Processor Will Power The New V10
If a new report is to be believed then LG has started developing its second Nuclun processor, the aim as always being to reduce the company’s reliance on mobile processors from the likes of Qualcomm. It’s not known for sure right now if the processor will make its way to LG’s 2016 flagship handset but word on the street is that the improved Nuclun may first see the light of […]

LG Rumored To Kill G Flex Lineup For V10 Successor
The International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 is merely weeks away and just like every year we expect to see lots of good announcements coming from the convention. LG has used this stage previously to unveil several new handsets but be advised that you may not be treated to a new G Flex handset this time around, a rumor claims that LG is going to dump its G Flex lineup in […]

LG V10 Purchase Accompanied By 200GB MicroSD Card
With AT&T and T-Mobile having confirmed that they will be taking in LG V10 orders, and the former has already opened up the pre-order process for the smartphone, here is perhaps another incentive for you to make this handset a priority when it comes to upgrading your smartphone. Apparently, if you decide to pick up an LG V10 some time between October 30 and November 15, LG is more than […]

AT&T Now Taking LG V10 Orders
Yesterday AT&T had confirmed that they will begin taking pre-orders for the LG V10 today, and sure enough they are. For those who are interested in the LG V10, you will be pleased to know that AT&T has begun taking orders for the phone and if you were to hop on over to AT&T’s website, you will be able to order it.The phone is priced at $249.99 with a two-year […]

AT&T And T-Mobile Confirm They Will Carry LG V10
Not too long ago LG announced a rather unique handset called the LG V10, it’s the first in a series of V-Series smartphones aimed at multimedia enthusiasts and power-users. There’s now information about its arrival in the United States, AT&T and T-Mobile will both be offering this handset to their customers.

Gold LG V10 Is A Reality
Let us face the cold, hard facts here – anything that is gold in color will definitely be worth selling – after all, a shade of gold adds that much needed touch of class and elegance regardless of the object that it shines on. Having said that, the recently announced LG V10 smartphone that clearly resides on the high end side of things (and which we’ve seen in a video […]

LG V10 Review: Sturdy+Expandable
As we reported yesterday, LG has made its new LG V10 phone official, so all the V10 specs etc.…. are out there. I had the opportunity to play with one, as described in the overview video below, and since I’ve added a great many hours of usage, so here’s my take on what the V10 is good at, and how it compares with other large-display phones currently on the market.

LG V10: A Real-World Overview in 4mn (Video)
The nice thing about being in Korea at the right time is that things like an LG V10 Android phone can land in your hands. I got one and played with it long enough to provide an overview that I hope is clear and representative of what the device’s essence is. I’m still working on the full review, but I’d like to point out that while I focused on the […]

LG V10: LG’s New Top Multimedia Handset
LG Korea has just announced the LG V10, the first of a series of V-Series multimedia-oriented smartphones. The V10 has been designed with power-users or enthusiasts in mind: those who want a better experience, of course, but also things like a removable battery, a MicroSD slot and a very high durability – out of the box. According to LG, the V10 delivers all that, and more.