This iPhone 5 Case Includes A Lightning Cable On Its Back

If you take the power consumption of your mobile devices serious, then you probably travel with your charging cable everywhere you go just in case you need an extra bit of juice to make it through your day. It’s easy to forget to throw a cable into your backpack or purse when you’re rushed, but this new iPhone 5 case makes it easy to have a Lightning cable readily available […]

Philips Announces New Lightning-compatible Speaker Docks In Time For Holidays

 Apple’s 30-pin dock connector that was made available for every mobile Apple device from the first iPod all the way up to the iPhone 4S has had quite the run. But all good things must come to an end as Apple introduced its Lightning connector with the iPhone 5, and now third-party manufacturers are scrambling to provide accessories for it, which have started to trickle out over the past few weeks. One thing […]

Apple Bought Lightning Trademark From Harley-Davidson

When Apple dumped the 30-pin dock connector in exchange for a new power connector called Lightning to power its latest iDevices, many were ambivalent about the move. For Apple users, the new connector is good news. It’s smaller, sturdier, and reversible, which means that users won’t have to worry about which side is the top or the bottom. On the other side, there’s the American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson, who incidentally […]

Official–And Unofficial–Third-Party Lightning Cables Coming Soon

We’ve been tracking third-party Lightning cables pretty closely, because millions of people are receiving new iDevices and want a second charger.  We’ve seen the “authentication” chip cracked, and we saw a third-party cable that lights up, but none of them have beaten’s Apple’s $20 asking price for a Lightning cable. Until now. iPhone5Mod, the same people behind that light-up dock we covered earlier, have released more boring, straightforward Lightning cables–plus they’re significantly less expensive than […]


iPhone Lightning Cable Chip Cracked, Cheap Third-Party Cables on the Way?

Ever since the iPhone 5 came out sporting a new 9-pin connector (soon to be added to the iPad) discerning shoppers have been wondering when cheap third party cables were going to hit the market. We think we saw one that lit up, but that’s still at $20, which is the same disappointing price that the official cable retails for. The problem is that Apple’s included a chip in the cable that […]

Don’t buy an iPad 3 today unless you like the old 30-pin connector

Apple’s announcing something tomorrow, and although we’re not completely sure what we’re going to see, we have a pretty good idea it involves something “mini.” But there may be a surprise update to the iPad “3” tomorrow to bring it up to date with the rest of iOS’s new line: it will ditch the old 30-pin connector for  Apple’s new Lightning port. 

Cheap third-party Lighting cables are coming soon

This is good news for people who’ve bought an iPhone, but are waiting for third-party cables as opposed to Apple’s $20 official option. We reported earlier that the Lightning cable has a chip inside. It’s either an authenticator chip, or more likely, a way for Apple to dynamically re-assign pins. Either way, it meant that we’d have to wait until someone was able to determine what the chip did and […]

The new iPhone lightning connector may break third-party adapters

Because of Apple’s well-established ecosystem of speaker docks and other accessories, when the iPhone 5’s new connector adaptor was priced at $30, people were surprised, especially since the new Magsafe adaptor was only $10. Peter from Double Helix Cables has found a reason why: there’s a new chip inside the Lightning connector, which he surmises is an authentication chip. Eric Limer at Gizmodo found a chip as well, but he […]

SanDisk announces 800GB SSD for enterprise users

Normally when we think about SSDs (solid state drives), the last thing that comes to mind is high capacity. At the moment, SSDs cost way too much to be an affordable choice to replace the 1TB drive found in the computers of home users. But that doesn’t mean manufacturers are ignoring the market that can afford such drives.SanDisk has recently announced a bunch of new additions to its lineup of […]