Apple’s 30-pin dock connector that was made available for every mobile Apple device from the first iPod all the way up to the iPhone 4S has had quite the run. But all good things must come to an end as Apple introduced its Lightning connector with the iPhone 5, and now third-party manufacturers are scrambling to provide accessories for it, which have started to trickle out over the past few weeks. One thing we haven’t seen yet is an official third-party speaker dock with Lightning support, that is, until today’s news from Philips.

Philips announced it will be manufacturing a bunch of Lightning-compatible speaker docks that will allow you to jam out with your iPhone 5 and iPod Touch out. Philips is offering a speaker for nearly everything you can think of as they’ll be offering two speaker docks, a bedside dock, and two music stereo system docks. All of the docks Philips is introducing today will be available this month.

We know you had some good times with your previous 30-pin speaker docks, but if you have an iOS device with a Lightning connector, then you need to accept the change and consider getting a new speaker. Or at least, think about buying one of those ultra-futuristic bluetooth speakers we’ve been hearing about.

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