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Samsung Series 7 Tablet Gets Mac OS X Lion Port
Unholy unions seem to be the most interesting combinations – i.e. Android and Flash running on an iPhone, which we’ve covered before in the past. Well, a developer has decided to go the distance with his latest creation – by installing Mac OS X Lion on his Samsung Series 7 tablet. Considering the situation the two companies are in at the moment (trying to get each other’s products banned in […]

Apple could be bringing AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage to OS X
Mac OS X users, if you are looking forward to AirPlay Mirroring or iMessage on your Mac computer, assuming the rumors are to be believed, Apple is currently working on applications that will allow for AirPlay Mirroring along with the ability to send/receive iMessages on your computer.

Mac OS X Lion receives its first update
Apple has just released the very first update for OS X Lion, four weeks after the launch of the operating system. The update which bumps Lion OS X up to version 10.7.1 comes in two versions – one for the latest MacBook Air and Mac Mini computers and another one for older machines that upgraded to the new OS. Both updates fix general bugs and issues with the operating system, […]

Apple OS X Lion USB thumb drive now on sale
Folks who don’t want to spend precious bandwidth and downloading the update for their Mac computers to OS X Lion – we’ve got some great news for you. The option to purchase a USB thumb drive with Lion OS X is available now. The drawback is you’ll have to spend more than double the amount than if you were to download it, but the good thing is that it’ll save […]


Lion Recovery Disk Assistant
The digital distribution model seems to be the way to move forward for software companies, but it is always good to have a physical copy of your software somewhere, just in case something untoward happens such as a hard drive failure that takes down Lion’s recovery partition along with it. For those who live life carefully, planning each and every single step, this should come across as no worry since […]

Windows XP, Vista unsupported in Boot Camp OS X Lion
If you have made the jump to the latest OS X Lion version of the operating system without forking out far more than what it is worth, and are interested in running old school Windows operating systems such as the venerable Windows XP and Windows Vista thanks to Boot Camp, then you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Either operating systems will not run in Boot Camp in OS X […]

Apple Mac OS X Lion keyboard spotted
After four years of using the same layout for its keyboards, it looks like Apple is ready to update them with the release of Mac OS X Lion. iSpazio Mac, an Italian Mac website recently got its hands on what appears to be a new Apple keyboard. While the keyboard is almost the same as the previous generation keyboards, this new one features buttons dedicated to Mac OS X Lion.As […]

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion runs into installation issues
Even the world’s most advanced operating system cannot escape the deadly bug issue it seems, according to a bunch of Mac users who have decided to take the plunge to upgrade their system to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion which was released just yesterday morning. All the error messages are not the same, being of different variety to keep some folks out there scratching their heads quizzically. There is a […]

Mac OS X Lion officially released
The day is finally here – after confirmation from Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer yesterday, today will mark the release of the long awaited update to the Mac OS X operating system, Lion. Here’s what the update will bring, in case you needed a refresher:

Mac OS X Lion: now Golden Master status
If you’re excited about getting your hands on the next version of the Mac OS X operating system, Lion, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not too far away. Apple has been reported to have started seeding the Golden Master version of the operating system to its developers today. The Golden Master version of an app, in case you didn’t know, is pretty much the version of the app […]

Apple Stores to offer free WiFi for Mac OS X Lion upgraders
We all know that Apple will be eschewing physical media for the upcoming update of its operating system (and all other apps as well) – a move that has both bad and good points. This means that Apple doesn’t have to waste money on physical packaging and getting CDs duplicated, software can be released globally at the same time easily and it’s good for the environment.Unfortunately, it does have some […]

Mac OS X Lion Full Screen Apps Limit Multi-Monitor Usage
There are probably tons of users out there who run more than one monitor, going two monitors these days isn’t completely unheard of. Three screens? Maybe pushing it a little already. You should know that if the reports are right, Mac OS X Lion does not always take advantage of a multi-screen set up.When you toggle and app to “full screen” mode while running two monitors side by side, the […]

Mac OS X Lion Allows Booting Straight Into Safari-Only Mode
Mac OS X Lion testers have discovered that there is now a feature that would allow users to start up their computers directly into Safari, meaning that essentially they could turn their computer into an internet kiosk, and it is rather reminiscent of Google’s platform Chrome OS which is designed to offer a web-based operating system for their users.This function also extends to non-authorized users to be able to use […]

Mac OS X Lion introduced at WWDC
The next version of Apple’s operating system for desktop and laptop computers was unveiled at the World Wide Developer’s Conference, and here is a rundown on the Mac OS X Lion features that were shown off by Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of World Wide Product Marketing.Multi-Touch Gestures: Mac OS X Lion will now support multi-touch gestures. Multi-touch trackpads will also be built into all of Apple’s new notebooks to […]