Samsung Series 7 running LionUnholy unions seem to be the most interesting combinations – i.e. Android and Flash running on an iPhone, which we’ve covered before in the past. Well, a developer has decided to go the distance with his latest creation – by installing Mac OS X Lion on his Samsung Series 7 tablet. Considering the situation the two companies are in at the moment (trying to get each other’s products banned in different countries), it’s interesting to note that Mac OS X Lion can run on it without too many problems.

According to reports, Lion runs relatively smoothly, but at the moment it requires an external monitor to view anything though hopefully it won’t be a problem in the future. But other than the display, it looks like Lion runs pretty well on the tablet. With specs pretty close to the MacBook Air, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea – so if you’ve got a Series 7 and a spare monitor lying around the house, head over to the tonymacx86 forums for instructions.

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