Mac OS X Lion testers have discovered that there is now a feature that would allow users to start up their computers directly into Safari, meaning that essentially they could turn their computer into an internet kiosk, and it is rather reminiscent of Google’s platform Chrome OS which is designed to offer a web-based operating system for their users.

This function also extends to non-authorized users to be able to use the machine, so perhaps great for those times when a friend or a relative needs to use your computer to check their email or surf the web and you don’t want them poking their noses around your computer and files, although there is no mention if files are allowed to be downloaded and saved onto the computer or will it just purely be for web surfing purposes.

This function is also apparently not just limited to Safari but also to Apple’s new iCloud services. This is a rather interesting feature as it could be of added convenience for users who just want to log on and check something quickly online but don’t want to wait for the entire computer and applications to load up, but I guess we will have to wait and see what other uses this function can be used for.

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