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Sprint begins to lock iPhone 4S SIMs from today onwards
While other companies decide that 11.11.11 is an auspicious date, I guess the suits over at Sprint think otherwise. In fact, they decided that today will be the day when SIM locks will start to be placed on iPhone 4S models sold from today onwards, at least according to the folk over at SprintFeed. To date, iPhone 4S handsets that were purchased under the Sprint banner would arrive with their […]

Küat Racks Bottle Lock guaranteed to fool some
How many of you out there get around on a bicycle? If you have answered in the affirmative, then surely you would know that keeping yourself well hydrated is of utmost importance. Most bicycles come with a water bottle holder on the frame so that you can slip in a plastic bottle that holds life giving water inside. And if you so happen to own an expensive bicycle, then it […]

Lockitron turns your phone into a door key
We’ve seen our fair share of interesting locks and alarm systems around here, but until now we’ve yet to see an app used to unlock a door.  Apigy has released an app for smartphones called Lockitron. Used in conjunction with the Lockitron self-install kits, the free app, downloadable online will turn your smartphone into a remote control key that can unlock your door. Say goodbye to having keys.If you’re out […]

SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt makes opening doors a breeze
Don’t you just hate it when you are rushing to get home (i.e. you need to use the toilet real bad) and sometimes you even drop your keys while fumbling to open the lock? Or when you have two arms full of shopping bags, and it’s practically impossible to open the lock without setting the bags down? Well, the folks over at SimpliciKey have come up with a solution to […]


Send a text to open a door
Are you the kind of person who is always leaving keys at home or at the office and constantly find yourself stuck out of the house? Well don’t worry, because traditional keys will soon be a thing of the past. Someone managed to build an unlocking contraption for the door of his house and shared a video of it online. To unlock his door, all he has to do is […]

Kensington Introduces Its ClickSafe Notebook Lock
If for some reason the average notebook lock is too complicated for you to operate (read: insert key and twist), perhaps the Kensington ClickSafe might be able to simplify matters a little more for you. The ClickSafe system fastens a small locking nub into a notebook’s lock slot and once that is fastened in place, you just need to push the locking cable into that, and your notebook is secured. […]

Yale Introduces Zigbee And Z-Wave Remote Locks
If you think that regular locks aren’t good enough to protect your hoard of gold perhaps the fancy new locks that Yale is demonstrating at CEDIA might tickle your fancy. Yale has two models on demo, one of which sports a capacitive touchscreen. These locks can use either Zigbee or Z-Wave to communicate with Control4 home automation and you’ll even be able to remotely lock or unlock your doors. Both models […]

USB Flash Drive Lock
The USB Flash Drive Lock would probably be associated with luggage and travel at first glance, but upon closer inspection you will realize that it will be used to keep data in your USB flash drive secure as it prevents the drive from being inserted into another computer without knowing the password to the combination lock. This is not a foolproof method to make sure data remains save, but is […]