How many of you out there get around on a bicycle? If you have answered in the affirmative, then surely you would know that keeping yourself well hydrated is of utmost importance. Most bicycles come with a water bottle holder on the frame so that you can slip in a plastic bottle that holds life giving water inside. And if you so happen to own an expensive bicycle, then it makes perfect sense to make sure it remains locked whenever you park it somewhere. Those who are less conventional than the rest would find the Küat Racks Bottle Lock rather interesting, where it disguises itself as a water bottle that fits snugly on your water bottle rack.

Guess this means you’ll need to stash your collection of water elsewhere, perhaps in one of those drinking pouches that adventures and those infected with the wanderlust bug carry around? The Küat Racks Bottle Lock boasts a 5-foot long cable of 7.5mm braided steel which can be rolled up to be stored in a bottle-shaped case. Each $34 purchase comes with a couple of two keys and a lock, tipping the scales at a mere 14 ounces. [Press Release]

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