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Travel Boy Carry On Luggage Shows Your Game Boy Love While You Travel
Now that the FAA is expected to relax the use of personal electronics on planes during takeoffs and landings, we think it’s time that you plan to bring as many personal electronics with you on your next trip, regardless if they’re real or not. One personal electronic we know you can’t do without is your Game Boy, but seeing how we’ve advanced to the Nintendo 3DS XL, we guess this Game […]

British Airways Introduces Reusable E-Ink Luggage Tags
British Airways has teamed up with Designworks to offer a reusable luggage tag that uses e-ink.

Airbus Concept iPhone Case Could Help Keep Track Of Luggage
Airbus came up with a concept iPhone case and luggage system that helps keep track of bags at all times.

Samsonite has a new way of bringing your luggage along with you
Do you not like lugging around your luggage in the train station, or perhaps you wanted a more novel way of transporting your luggage within the confines of the airport (or anywhere else for that matter)? Well it looks like Samsonite has come up with a pretty fun and interesting luggage that will allow you to bring it around with you in a rather novel way.It’s called the Micro Suitcase […]


easy2pick helps you spot your luggage at the airport
Don’t you just hate it when you’re waiting for your luggage at the airport carousel, but everyone seems to have the same bag as you? Well, the folks over at X-treme Geek have developed this nifty little gadget to help you with that problem. Called easy2pick, it is comprised of a tag which you affix to your luggage, and a keychain sensor which you keep with you. When the sensor […]

Weigh to go helps check against excess luggage
Those who travel frequently know what a hassle it is when it comes to packing your baggage, ensuring that it does not surpass the weight limit in any way so that you won’t be slapped with exorbitant charges. Well, why not get the Weigh to go unit, as this device relies on a couple of Velcro straps as well as a lockable steel carabineer that prevents folks from stealing it. […]

McLaren and Samsonite team up for new suitcases
Mention McLaren and Lewis Hamilton comes to mind. The 2008 F1 champion isn’t doing too hot this year and looks set to lose his title to Brawn, but that doesn’t mean his car isn’t one of the most technologically advanced ones in the world. McLaren has taken a wee bit of their racing know-how by working with Samsonite to create a new line of luxury bags that will be released […]